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Lucrative & Rewarding: Becoming a Family Recovery Life Coach in 2020

BALM, Coach Training | January 20, 2020
Lucrative & Rewarding: Becoming a Family Recovery Life Coach in 2020

The Need for a Family Recovery Life Coach

Individuals with SUDs cannot be treated effectively without taking into consideration the impact that a use disorder has on the whole family[1]. The numbers are growing, and the need for a family recovery life coach is growing too.

Addiction is identified as a family disease. As the world evolves, more things are being identified as family diseases that could disrupt any family dynamics. Alcoholism (now known as alcohol use disorder), substance abuse (now known as substance use disorder), pornography and other process addictions, these are the effects of a multi-faceted problem which includes genetics, psychological, physical, emotional and social issues. 

Obtaining these addictive substances and behaviors has never been easier with the advent of the Internet and modern communication. Everything has been so accessible to the public that addiction has become more and more prevalent in many families at these times. 

The numbers don’t lie and the problem is growing. According to the National Survey on Drug and Health (NSDUH), 19.7 million American adults (aged 12 and older) battled a SUD (substance use disorder) in 2017.[2]

74% of those who suffered from SUD struggled with an alcohol use disorder. In that same year, 1 in every 8 adults suffered from both substance and alcohol use disorder at simultaneous times.

This growing number of people suffering from addiction includes family members who will suffer from the effects of their loved one’s SUD.  Yet, when one person in a family changes his/her behavior, this will be felt by the entire family. So when a family member changes their behavior everyone in the family is affected – including the loved one.[The BALM, which is replete with evidence-based practices, provides family members with a panoply in inner and outer change tools designed to both help them get THEIR lives back AND help them help their struggling loved one recover. [3]

Family Therapy or Family Recovery LIfe Coaching

Often, individuals suffering from addictive substances need intensive therapy and recovery life coaching. Family members need help too. The detoxification period presents an important opportunity to involve family members. In the beginning,  Family Recovery Life Coaching may have more direct impact on members of the family  and a powerful indirect impact on the person with the use disorder (often seen as the designated client or designated patient) because it improves all the family members’ ability to  work out conflicts. Family Recovery LIfe Coaching coupled with the BALM Family Recovery Education Program often creates healthy family conditions that will help support the patient moving into recovery as well.

A patient will undergo a lot of behavior changes after recovery which still affects the whole family. Family members have to understand how their behaviors impact their loved one’s chances of staying in recovery. The BALM Program calls this how to “be your loved one’s BEST chance at recovery.” 

The relapse rate for substance use disorder is estimated to be between 40% and 60%. [4] This is how crucial a family recovery coach is in the life of the recovering patients and their families.

Working as a family recovery coach

When you take on the mission of being a family recovery life coach, you are presented with the opportunity to help other people and yourself. You can create lasting and significant changes in your clients’ lives and their families. You help the client stay on track with their recovery and assist them in achieving their goals so they can make positive changes in their lives.

Being a family recovery coach allows you your independence. You have the power to decide how many clients you want to take at a certain time, or if you want to do it full-time or part-time depending on your availability. You have total control of your time. This is a career that allows you to grow both financially and personally.

You can work anywhere, when you want to, at home or in an office or in some other tropical place. You can coach your clients online, through phone, or in person. 

This is a career path that provides you with a lucrative opportunity to help others create and live a new life for themselves. While you are growing your revenue and becoming more financially independent, you are also helping others by giving them a second lease at life, a second chance to do things differently and do things better.

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Family Recovery Life Coach Certification

Here at BALM, ICF Accreditation matters. We are the only recovery-oriented Life Coach Training Program fully accredited by the International Coach Federation. The program consists of 162 +  core competency resource development hours to ensure that your coaching skills go deep and your understanding of recovery is rock solid.

The recovery coach certification has been one of the fastest-growing facets in the field of coaching. In 2013, the number of recovery specialist training was around 50. It grew to around 250 by 2015. There is a lot of state certifications board who have established recovery and peer recovery coaches which also included family recovery life coaching.

For an addiction recovery coach, the certification and training are called differently depending on which state you are taking the certification. Each state uses a different name for these certifications. For many, this would become overwhelming and confusing. It is important that you know the process for the certification and what kind of certification you should be focusing on.

The BALM Family Recovery Specialist Certification

The Balm Program can be your signature program. With us, every coach training program guides you to create your signature program. We train you with our ready-made program and at the same time teach you to create one for yourself.

And if you are not yet ready to commit to a full-bodied life coach training program OR you know you want to teach family recovery without becoming a coach, you can become a BALM Family Recovery Specialist in less time with a signature course to teach in your community.

In addition to the course you will be certified to teach in the community, you will have a one year online program, the BALM® Comprehensive Family Recovery Education which you will be able to enroll your families in to accelerate their recovery even further.

Families that need coaching often need more than a session or two each week. This is a win-win for both coaches and families. The family gains  quality recovery information, transformation and support through the BALM Program and in this age of the opioid epidemic, when the life and death aspect of SUD as greatly increased, recovery programs have become essential.

Know more about the BALM Family Recovery Life Coach ICF-ACTP Plus Bundle.


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