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Becoming a BALM Family Recovery Life Coach is a career path with a heart that will provide you with information, transformation and support in your personal recovery journey and on your professional path. Many start this program to find a new career and undergo a transformation in their approach to their life, relationships and ability to work with clients.

So, what does it take to get there?

First there is the unique BALM Program (Be a Loving Mirror) which is designed to help family members move through their developmental levels toward lasting recovery. A personal experience of this process and its tools and skills is essential to every BALM coach, so you begin your journey learning and applying the BALM to your life and work.

Then, you will take a deep dive into life coach training, including Being A BALM Life Coach, Tools and Skills, Mentor Coaching, Student-to-Student coaching, a live in-person Practicum, and Advanced BALM Family Recovery Coaching (see Option 3 for a more complete view of this course). Finally, you will get the business development training you will need to turn your practice into a viable business. Altogether, this 162+ hour program will provide you with the powerful tools and skills required to prepare you to be a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

This program is the first and only International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) with a recovery focus, specifically devoted to helping families be the best chance for their loved ones’ recovery.

Includes the following:


Pre/Co-Requisites – 80+ hours of BALM Family Recovery Prerequisites live online and additional offerings to educate you in the revolutionary method of BALM Recovery including:

+ The BALM Intensive Retreat – Transformative Solutions to Addiction in-person live or live online for 3 full days – 24 hours

+ Online BALM Family Recovery Program  –  includes  live online and recorded web conferences, digital handbooks and handouts. Completion of the following courses is required for certification:

+ BALM 12 Principles – listen to 12 lessons and 80 recorded or live interviews out of 357 available

+ 7 Steps to Be A Loving Mirror – This course will be covered in the Intensive Retreat and you will take the course twice live online  during your time in the program. You will also have access to this content online for review.

Life Coach Training Courses -72 hours of life coach training including a specialization in BALM Family Recovery LIfe Coaching:

+ BALM Life Coach Training 1 live online – 24 hours

+ BALM Life Coach Training 2 live online – 24 hours

+ BALM Family Recovery Life Coach Training live online – 24 hours

+ includes the BALM Holistic Family Recovery Development Model

Mentoring and Practice Coaching – including a Deep Dive into the cutting-edge PCC Markers, for learning to demonstrate your mastery at the PCC level and 36+ hours of practice coaching hours that you can use toward your PCC certification

+ Group Mentor Coaching live online – 15 hours

+ One-on-One Mentor Coaching live online – 3 hours

+ Practicum live in-person live in-person – 3 days

+ Student-to-Student Coaching Sets – up to 48 hours of coaching another student

Grow Your Business:

+ Business Development Course live online – 16 hours

+Checklists for your business start-up

+Templates for your business

+Marketing Templates

+Contract Templates

Why would I want the BALM Family Recovery Life Coach Training  option?

This program, once completed, will allow you to apply for your ICF Certification with the least hassle and most preparation. As an ACTP graduate, you will not have to submit a portfolio to the ICF. When you finish this program, your professional training will have been optimal for a career that will allow you to life coach anyone as well as skillfully work with families with a struggling loved one.

duration: 16 months

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The BALM® Training institute is committed to helping all families blaze the trail to recovery in their homes.

This work of family recovery and/or helping others grow in their family recovery is important and challenging work.

We provide excellent education and coaching for the families and professionals we serve. We encourage applicants to take the time to explore our offerings fully before committing to the program. Once a student or family makes the commitment, our services are non-refundable.

We look forward to walking the loving path to family recovery with you as you move forward on your journey.