Become a BALM® Family Recovery Professional

Two Certifications. Limitless Opportunities.
Advance Your Career. Transform Your Life.

Serve individuals and groups in a powerful, financially sustainable way.

On the basis of learning BALM's loving curriculum, trainees who
want to continue in the program choose which coaching path is best for them.

Level 2 Training

134 Hours

Level 1 Training

93.5 hours

Already an ICF coach and looking for CCEs

40 CCEs

Want to coach families using the BALM. Not looking for outside certification at this time.

78 Hours

“Being certified as a BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach and a BALM® Family Recovery Facilitation Specialist, I have received far more referrals and clients as classes are often a desirable entry point for families. 


I now have the opportunity to expand what I can do for families through partnering with treatment centers and addiction specialists to offer BALM® courses and coaching, while in return increasing my client base. 


Being able to offer courses in-person, as well as one-on-one online coaching, ensures I do not get burnt out doing just one thing. Having this dual certification is a win-win!”



Jill Prevas – BALM® Training Institute Graduate

Certified BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach

Certified BALM® Family Recovery Facilitation Specialist 

BALM Isn't Just Career Education, It's Personal Transformation.

Founded in 2012, BALM Family Recovery has helped thousands of families find peace and bring recovery to their homes.

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