The BALM now offers classes, workshops and groups for the Individual in recovery in the family.

When a family signs up for the BALM Family Recovery Program, these classes for the Individual In Recovery are included in the 1-Year Family Subscription.

These classes include:

BALM Principles adapted for use by individuals in recovery

For Whom

  • Participants engaged in a recovery process or willing to consider becoming involved in one
  • Participants able to be consistent with attendance
  • Participants not under the influence of mood altering substances during class
  • One person per family
  • Participants currently have, have had, or are willing to get a BALM Recovery coach
  • Family members have or have had a BALM Family Recovery coach
  • Family members in the BALM One Year Family Recovery program


  • Education around how to enhance your own recovery through universal principles of BALM
  • A Loving Path to Freedom from active use
  • Learn tools to increase your self-awareness, become empowered to take personal responsibility, and build a personalized path to recovery
  • Heal and enhance your relationships with yourself, with others, and with spirituality

Don't spend another minute wondering how to break free from the chains of communication chaos.

Experience the transformation of the

BALM 7 Steps.




8 weeks of live teaching and group coaching

  • Learn how to have peaceful conversations with family and friends
  • Learn how to find your own inner calmness
  • Gain a common language with family members in the BALM
  • Enhance your current recovery program


From the comfort of your favorite couch (or coffeeshop.)

  • Online learning platform
  • Unlimited access to curriculum
  • Listen to replays of classes whenever you want


To transform your life—and have an impact.

  • Inner and outer transformation
  • Build a rich inner life
  • Craft deeply fulfilling personal relationships

You Have Questions
We Have Answers

Who's the class for?

  • Persons in recovery from a substance use disorder, other use disorder, other addiction, or mental health challenge
  • BALM Coaches enrolling in the Advanced Recovery Life Coach Training Program

Why a separate course for persons in recovery?

  • Both the original 7 Steps course for family members and this course for individuals in recovery are designed to help participants get in touch with their inner peace and calm
  • The family members learn to communicate with their loved one about their use
  • The individual in recovery learns to communicate with their family members and others regarding their needs, opinions, and boundaries

What are the requirements to sign up?

  • Completion of the BALM 12 Principles for Individuals with Use Disorder course 
    (can be taken on demand now and attend the next live course)
  • Must complete at least the first 4 Principles before this class begins
  • Must have or get a BALM coach, who will also act as your buddy throughout the class (not included in the class tuition)
  • Must be engaged in a recovery program
    (12 Steps, SMART Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, etc.)

What will I get?

  • Weekly 90-minute interactive class for 8 weeks
  • Weekly group coaching session
  • Workbook
  • Downloadable templates and guides to help you learn and use the tools
  • Teachers in long-term recovery who are also Certified BALM Coaches

Ready to soar on the wings of transformation?

The BALM 7 Steps for Individuals in Recovery awaits you.

In addition to the above classes, both family members and individuals in recovery may participate together in:

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Founded in 2012, BALM Family Recovery has helped thousands of families find peace and bring recovery to their homes.

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