+ Learn More About the BALM®Recovery Program

Learn more about the BALM® Recovery Program

We are a full service online educational program focused on helping ALL families be their loved one’s BEST chance at recovery from Substance Use  Disorders and other Use Disorders. This we do through providing International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Family Recovery Life Coach Training,  Family Recovery Facilitator Certification, and  Family Recovery Education and Coaching.


What makes us special is the Be A Loving Mirror® Method of Family Recovery which is a loving path based on love, connection, boundaries, and leverage which we provide through a full year online Family Recovery Educational program that picks up where traditional family recovery ends in terms of its approach, its accessibility, and its length. This is a relevant program for families whether their loved one is active in or in recovery from their use disorder. 


Our focus on Information, Transformation and Support gives families a comprehensive educational experience that best prepares them to get THEIR lives back while also empowering them to help their loved one attain and sustain recovery.


At BALM®, our leaders, faculty, and staff are all dedicated to the fulfillment of our mission to help all families blaze the trail to recovery in their homes.


The BALM Training Institute is hiring! 

In search of 2-3 experienced sales reps to serve as Admissions/Outreach Reps for the BALM® Family Program and Coach Training Programs. This is a commission position with sales training included. The ideal candidate will:

Love and preferably have experience with the BALM® Programs

Have successful experience in sales, admissions, and/or outreach

Have or willing to create a client book of prospective clients 

Spend 2+ hours per day creating and nurturing leads 

Have experience in doing outbound calls to convert qualified leads into sales

Have experience selling online courses/programs/webinars

Be comfortable speaking to families suffering from the impact of SUD or Substance Use Disorder

Have the time to devote to building a part-time business with the potential to bring in a nice supplemental income.

Be comfortable learning the software necessary to make the sale.

Have the commitment to doing what it takes to succeed

We will set you up for success. All you have to do is put in the time and effort to make it happen!

Please share this with anyone you know who would be a strong candidate to help us get the BALM into the hands of families and professionals around the world.

To learn more, send your resume to support@familyrecoveryresources.com and write ‘Admissions Position Candidate’ in the subject line or text or call 786 859 4050.

The BALM Training Institute for Family Recovery Services is a full service online family recovery education and professional training company designed to help all families blaze the trail to recovery in their homes.

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Beverly Buncher

Founder & Author

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Beverly Buncher, MA, PCC, CBC, CTPC, known as the Foremost Family Recovery Life Coach in the Nation, is the Founder and CEO of Family Recovery Resources, LLC, and the BALM® (Be A Loving Mirror®) Institutes for Family Recovery Coach Training and Family Recovery Education. The BALM® Program makes the concepts and tools of family recovery accessible to all whose lives are affected by a loved one’s struggles with substance and other use disorders. Her book, BALM® The Loving Path to Family Recovery, tells her own family recovery story and gives families the skills to keep a loving connection alive while moving forward on their recovery journey. She is also the author of the forthcoming book Transformation: The Family’s Developmental Recovery Journey, numerous blogs and articles, and several workbooks and manuals for students of the BALM® Programs.

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