BALM® Be A Loving Mirror® - The Key to Family Recovery

The BALM helped me become my son’s best chance at recovery, and saved me from relapsing

- Tracy

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BALM is the heart of Family Recovery Resources. Our offerings derive from our three prong approach:

  • Information

    Shift Attitude
  • Transformation

    Take Action
  • Support

    Strengthen Relationships
  • All About Family Recovery

    Keep your family connected as you learn to communicate lovingly through our classes, groups and individual coaching.

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  • All About Coach Training

    Our accredited program provides various options to start, jump start, or further your coaching career. Discovery which path fits your needs.

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Our Core Values


    Kind to self and others. Grows as one studies and practices BALM.


    Silent within and quietly confident. This is the peace the BALM delivers.


    Non-judgmental loving concern allowing for human frailty and possibility.


    Accelerated recovery through mindfulness, emotional awareness and loving action.

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Comprehensive Life Coach Training
Family Recovery Coach Training
Recovery Coach Training
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