Are you tired of being told to kick your struggling loved one out of the house or out of your life?

Are you looking for a solution to your family’s addiction challenges, not just support?

Do you need a more structured approach to your family recovery?

Introducing the On Demand version of the BALM 12 Principles of Family Recovery.
BALM stands for Be A Loving Mirror, which is a loving, peaceful, effective method used by families around the world to help them get their lives back as they learn how to help their struggling loved one do so too.

The question is, what will it take to get your life back, and how can you do so while also learning new ways to relate to and be there for your struggling loved one?

Beverly Buncher, creator of this powerful method of family recovery, discovered the ideas in this method in an old, seemingly outdated, family recovery book, used it with her husband, and within a few months he was clean and sober and telling the world she was the reason why.

For the past 13 years, Bev and her coaches have been teaching these principles to families around the world who are impacted by addiction and mental health challenges. Her coaches teach them to families in churches, libraries, community centers and online. And many families experience them as part of the larger BALM Family Recovery Program.

This course has helped countless families to:

And now, we are also offering families this unique version of the 12 Principles that includes:

The BALM 12 Principle Lessons presented in two ways:

1 full hour per lesson

Short Video Clips of each lesson divided into 1-8 minute segments divided by topic. Great for review or quick absorption of mini-topics

10 video interviews with experts in the recovery field on topics related to the principle you are learning

A full video orientation to allow you to move effortlessly through the program.

The Fast Track to Family Recovery Digital Workbook to help you stay on track and absorb each lesson fully


A copy of BALM The Loving Path to Family Recovery, the text for our program.

A complimentary coaching session with Bev or one of our expert BALM Coaches to help you make the most of the course.

Get The 12 Principles On Demand Course Now + Bonus Material

for only $499 !

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Founded in 2012, BALM Family Recovery has helped thousands of families find peace and bring recovery to their homes.

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