Support and encouragement for the recovery community.

Webinar One:

What the Family Needs to Know

The challenge of SUD is one for the entire family to explore. It is not THEIR problem. It’s OURS. This recording helps families understand BALM’s 7 C’s and how they lay the foundation for family recovery.

Webinar Two:

The Family’s Role in a Loved One’s Recovery

You are always contributing to something – either your loved one’s SUD or their recovery. Which would you rather? Here’s how to make sure you are contributing in a way that helps your loved one’s recovery.

Webinar Three:

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Love holds the key to helping your loved one. Here’s why and how to make sure your love is properly applied to bring about family recovery.

Webinar Four:

Let Go of Control without Turning Away

The adage Let Go and Let God is only part of the story. Letting go of your need to have the outcome YOU want can help things move forward powerfully in the direction of recovery. Here’s why and how.

Webinar Five:

Mindfulness is the Key

What is mindfulness and what makes it an essential on the recovery journey? This recording gives you the facts on this evidence-based process AND provides several ways for you to bring mindfulness into your life and lower the temperature within you for the benefit of your entire family.

Webinar Six:

What Do We Do After Treatment?

This is a topic that plagues families whose loved ones are in treatment. During the lull, they often dread what will happen next. How can you make sure your thoughts, words, and actions make a positive difference instead of adding to the challenges your loved one faces? Listen to this recording to get a head start.

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Lesson 10: You Can Heal Your Relationship with Yourself with David Potter