BALM Family Recovery Services

BALM provides help for the struggling family and their loved one.

Our Process

The road to family recovery can be long and lonely. We shorten it, adding meaningful education in a community setting.  Participating in the BALM creates an attitudinal shift that can catapult you and your family forward to a life in peaceful recovery.

Choose your track

BALM Life Coaching

If you have moved beyond your and/or your family’s recovery as your primary focus, and you are ready to take your next bold steps in life, this is the path for you. Work with a coach who comes to the relationship understanding your path and your family’s challenges.

  • Online platform
  • Hand-select coach
  • Goal driven
  • ICF-Certified coaches
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The BALM Comprehensive

This essential program provides a one year online family recovery educational journey designed to empower families to help themselves and their loved ones get into and stay in recovery. This program will give you…

  • Meaningful content
  • Transformed Relationships
  • Community of learners
  • Recorded video interviews
  • Digital workbooks
  • Daily live webinars
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BALM Comprehensive & Coaching

Accelerated Track

This combination has been proven to be the fast track to your family’s recovery! Achieve your goals in a much shorter time fusing the power of the BALM with our professional coaches helping you script conversations and accelerate your family journey.

  • Highly Personalized
  • One on One Support
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Personally Guided BALM Focus
  • All benefits of Coaching
  • All benefits of BALM
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Our Coaches

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Not Ready Yet?

  • BALM Book

    A family’s love is the healing BALM. This book shows you how to be your loved one’s BEST chance at recovery.

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  • BALM Book + Taste of BALM

    Learn the family’s crucial role in family recovery, includes: Lesson, Workbook, and Interviews.

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  • Taste of BALM + More

    Learn the family’s crucial role in their own and their loved one’s recovery, includes: Lesson, Workbook, Interviews, and recordings from the BALM program.

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  • Meet the Author

    Four live online sessions with the author to discuss the book.

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