+ How Evidence-Based Practices Make All the Difference in Family Recovery

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Evidence-Based Practices Make All the Difference in the BALM Family Recovery Program

Addiction Recovery for Families, BALM | January 20, 2020
How Evidence-Based Practices Make All the Difference in Family Recovery

How Evidence-Based Practices Let You Achieve Lasting Family Recovery

There are certain practices and teachings which are known to be evidence- based, meaning that when they are utilized, those who learn them have been taught researched methods, most able to help them grow in their recovery.

The BALM employs many Evidence-Based practices. Among them are the following:

1- Brief Interventions

  • The Be A Loving Mirror Conversation is a brief conversation designed to help a family member intervene regularly on a loved one’s use disorder or other behaviors in a non-offensive way


2 – Mindfulness

  • BALMers learn how to develop a mindfulness practice of their own so that they can have an inner calm demeanor that will allow them to face the ups and downs of life with a struggling loved one without being overwhelmed


3 – Prepare family members to become equal partners in the planning and delivery of their loved one’s treatment

  • The BALM program teaches family members how to interact with their loved one’s treatment center in a positive way that will allow for a partnership to emerge between the family and the treatment center for the benefit of the loved one’s recovery


4 – Help improve communication among family members

  • The BALM program teaches its simple communication method to family members so they can interact in a positive way with their loved one and with each other.


The BALM Method teaches families how to positively communicate with one another


5 – Encourage families to expand their social support network

  • The BALM program provides opportunities within the program for families to interact with each other, support each other and learn from each other
  • In addition, BALM devotes an entire Principle and series of sessions to the importance of enhancing one’s recovery through getting support and exposes families to a wide variety of individual and group support opportunities available to families affected by a loved one’s substance or other use disorder.

6 – Be flexible in meeting the needs of the family.

  • The BALM program offers a wide variety of courses and groups knowing that different offerings will appeal to different families.


7 – Motivational Interviewing

  • An entire Principle and series of sessions is dedicated to introducing families to both Motivational Interviewing and the Stages of Change and these are referred to often in group coaching and other.


8 – Use of encouraging, loving language when speaking with the struggling loved one

  • The BALM program is loving rather than confrontational, in fact, love is at the heart of the Be A Loving Mirror Program.


Could you see yourself helping families help their loved ones? The BALM offers more than one way for you to do this: as a BALM Family Recovery Specialist teaching our BALM 12 Principles out in the community or as a BALM Family Recovery Life Coach, certified to not only teach the 12 Principles but to coach families on their recovery path. Make a difference in your community and in the world! Become a BALM Professional! To learn more call us at 1-888-998-2256 or click here to see three ways to engage in our professional offerings.


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