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BALM Family Recovery Education Services for Treatment Centers

Research shows that the family plays a critical role in a loved one’s recovery from Use Disorders (UD). Yet, with more than 15,000 treatment centers in the US alone the person with the UD often gets upwards of 40 hours of individual and group therapeutic interventions during each week of their treatment while many treatment centers still offer families  little more than 1-2 hours per week and/or a weeklong or weekend retreat for their loved one’s entire treatment stay.

And who can blame those centers? The cost of creating a strong family recovery team can be daunting and insurance companies often do not reimburse for family services.

BALM Family Recovery Education Services for Treatment Centers.

Our services work in tandem with treatment centers nationwide. Treatment centers that hold a BALM® License, have access to our online learning management system (LMS) which includes live training and support as well as more than 300 recorded interviews with experts, specifically on Use Disorders. BALM® also has a team of  International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Family Recovery Life Coaches who can work with individual families as one-on-one coaches.  

Choose which BALM® Licencing Program fits your treatment center needs:

Find The Best Training Pathway For Your Treatment Center

Level 1: License to BALM Online Family Recovery


The key to sustained recovery lies in continual exposure and participation in powerful recovery participation. So we help you provide just that by offering continual  live family recovery education for your clients’ families in an online community led by BALM Professionals. This one year online family recovery educational journey is designed to empower families to help themselves and their loved ones to successfully team with the treatment center in order to strengthen their recovery journey.  The BALM Program provides ongoing information, transformation, and support for families through the ups and downs of their loved one’s process.

  • Up to 7 Live Online Classes Weekly
  • Over 300 recorded interviews with recovery experts
  • Learn with families from all over the world
  • Live and Recorded Journaling Classes
  • Digital workbooks
  • Live and Recorded Meditations
  • A link for you to enroll all of your families in the program
  • Co-branding on the Family Recovery Academy site.
Level 2: License to Both BALM Online Family Recovery Program and Introductory Facilitation Access


All of the benefits of our level 1 license plus facilitation scripts and powerpoints so your staff can provide introductory BALM classes in-house.

We also offer more in-depth facilitation opportunities.

  • Everything in license 1
  • 4 Powerpoints for your staff to use on family day with the families to acclimate them to the BALM family program & encourage them to participate in the online program
  • Scripts for each lesson so your staff has a readymade lesson for each class.
  • In person & online programming to connect your clients’ families to your center, to recovery & to their loved one’s journey in a non-judgmental way.
Level 3: License to BALM Online Family Recovery Program, In-Person Facilitation, and BALM Family Recovery Retreat


All of the benefits of our level 2 license plus we come to you to provide BALM Retreats for your facility. This custom designed license allows you to add a weekend or week-long retreat to your treatment center’s family recovery program offerings.

This turnkey license will provide your center with everything it takes to provide in-person and online family recovery for your families.

  • Everything in License 2
  • Our Certified Family Recovery Life Coaches come to your location to provide BALM retreats.
  • Can be weekend or week-long programs
  • Designed to immerse families and staff in BALM’s holistic approach to family recovery

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Our Refund Policy

The BALM® Training institute is committed to helping all families blaze the trail to recovery in their homes.

This work of family recovery and/or helping others grow in their family recovery is important and challenging work.

We provide excellent education and coaching for the families and professionals we serve. We encourage applicants to take the time to explore our offerings fully before committing to the program. Once a student or family makes the commitment, our services are non-refundable.

We look forward to walking the loving path to family recovery with you as you move forward on your journey.

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