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Thinking of Becoming a BALM Professional? Here’s What You’ll Want to Know

BALM | November 27, 2019
Thinking of Becoming a BALM Professional? Here's What You'll Want to Know

Today I received a drift note (on this website) asking what our programs could do for a clinical professional looking to move in a different direction while still helping people on their recovery journey. Here is what I wrote back. If you are wondering about our program, perhaps these words can help you as well!


Thank you for asking about our programs!

We offer two professional programs. One for people who simply want to teach family recovery classes (we call that the BALM Family Recovery Specialist Program).

The other is a fully accredited Life Coach Training Program that includes the Specialist track. We are the only International Coach Federation fully Accredited Coach Training Program (ICF-ACTP) to focus on recovery. When you complete our full program, you will  be able to life coach anyone on anything AND will be a Family Recovery Life Coach, highly skilled in helping families facing the challenge of addiction in their family.

Through non-clinical means, we are able to take clients forward powerfully toward the goals and objectives they have for themselves. We also use the BALM Holistic Model of Family Recovery Development which creates just the right space to help families move forward in their ability to get their own lives back while helping their struggling loved ones move toward recovery as well.

You can learn more on our website at balmfamilyrecovery.com (see the tab for  BALM Training Institute) or take a look at the courses themselves at https://balm-training-institute.thinkific.com. Once on the site, go to Professional Training to see the two courses I have been describing. We offer payment plans and special pricing for non-profits and those affiliated with non-profits.

As for what you can do with our programs, you will find our coaches mainly working independently, though some are affiliated with treatment centers, churches, healthcare corporations and community organizations. Depending on whether you are entrepreneurial or would prefer the community organization path, you will find that there are opportunities to fulfill the desperate needs families of those with use disorders have for solution-based curriculum and compassionate effective life coaching geared to where they are with their loved ones, and in their own recovery.

You will learn a new way of relating to clients that puts them at the center as the decision makers in the equation, while also educating them to become their loved one’s BEST chance at recovery.

The work is fulfilling and vital. We are looking for people committed to making a difference in the lives of families and individuals with use disorders. In fact, our mission is to help ALL families blaze the trail to recovery in their homes – and we are very good at creating coaches and specialists who know exactly how to help families do so!

If this sounds like something that would appeal to you, remember that we will work with you to make it happen for you. We can’t reach all of the families who need help without dedicated professionals who want to help them!

I will make myself available to speak with you! My number is 786 859 4050.

Let me know how I can help you figure out if this could be a good path for you.

Be A Loving Mirror!

Beverly Buncher


1-888-998-2256 (BALM)

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