+ Family Recovery Life Coach: The Perfect Career in the Time of Covid-19

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Family Recovery Life Coach: The Perfect Career in the Time of Covid-19

BALM, Coach Training, Family Life Recovery Coach | June 9, 2020
Family Recovery Life Coach: The Perfect Career in the Time of Covid-19

The pandemic we are facing now has shown us a different world, a far cry from the world we knew.

This has changed not only the way we interact with each other on a daily basis but also how people do business.  Many people are shifting careers to provide a solution to problems that weren’t there before Covid-19.

What have you done to your career to adapt to the changing times?

One of the careers that people have shifted to is life coaching. There are many parts of life coaching that are worth exploring. One niche is recovery life coaching, a very interesting area of life coaching that many are starting to explore. It is the perfect career in these times of a pandemic.

Let’s get down to the reasons why being a family recovery life coach is the perfect career for you in the time of Covid-19:

1) You can do your coaching sessions online.

We are facing a “new normal”. Countries around the world are creating new guidelines and protocols that prioritize the safety of everybody. Even our safety standards are changing. Anything that can be done online is done online. This includes interventions and consultations. Medical practitioners are starting to adapt to an almost contactless consultation, as long as the medical condition is not an emergency case, or does not need surgery or the use of an apparatus that is available in medical facilities only.

As a family recovery life coach, you can implement your recovery programs online. With modern communication technology, it is possible to have group interactions without being physically present in a recovery facility.

2) No heavy prerequisites are needed in this career.

As a family recovery life coach, you don’t need to have a medical degree. What is important is that you are willing to provide service to your family, community and anywhere your services as a family recovery life coach are needed. You must have a teachable heart and a passion to help people through their  family recovery journey from Substance Use Disorder or SUD.

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If you are already a life coach, family recovery is a specialization that you can explore. Not only does it provide a better income opportunity,  it can also be fulfilling to help families stay intact and help them rebuild relationships, re-establish healthy communications and better chances at a full recovery.

3) It’s fulfilling a life purpose for you.

If your purpose in life is inclined toward helping families and their members heal from the wounds of a substance use disorder, this seals the deal. There is nothing more satisfying than having a career that is fulfilling your purpose for you. We are in this world for a reason, and if the career you have achieves that, it’s beautiful.

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4) Learning to become a family recovery life coach is easily accessible online.

Becoming a family recovery life coach is accessible and experiential. You don’t have to go back to the university to earn another degree. The BALM Family Recovery Life Coach Training Program made it easier for passionate individuals to earn certifications.

We are the first and only International Coach Federation Accredited Coach Training Program (ICF-ACTP) to focus on recovery.

This means that you will be trained and certified to coach anybody who has challenges in recovery and in the other goals they are pursuing. You will also be trained and certified to work with families using the BALM Holistic Model of Family Recovery Development.

Our coaches learn how to help families continue their journey to recovery by applying coaching skills and the effective love-based model of the Be a Loving Mirror (BALM) method of family recovery.

5) You are internationally accredited as a coach.

By having the International Coach Federation (ICF) Life Coaching as a foundational part of the training, you will be able to address the needs of families and others in long-term recovery as well as those who may not have any need for recovery at all. The combination of advanced Life Coach Training and BALM Family Recovery Coach Training empower our coaches to meet the needs of families and loved ones wherever they are on their recovery journey.

The BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach Training Program provides 164 plus hours of training, experiencing, and being immersed in the world of BALM® and Family Recovery Life Coaching. Graduate as a fully accredited BALM® coach, and jump-start your career.

The best part of this is you can start coaching while still in training.

We are continually working to adapt to the new normal in how we run our business and provide service to those in need. You can be certain that we are making the necessary adjustments and guidelines that make this the perfect career for you in the time of Covid 19.

For more information, here is a quick guide on how you can become a family recovery life coach.