+ 3 Advantages of Becoming a Certified BALM Family Recovery Life Coach

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3 Core Advantages of Becoming a Certified BALM Family Recovery Life Coach

BALM | March 26, 2020
3 Core Advantages of Becoming a Certified BALM Family Recovery Life Coach

Are you looking for a higher education where you can help your community and work with families?

Are you considering life coaching as a career and earn a viable income at the same time?

See: The BALM Training Institute

Life coaching is a powerful and purposeful career path. There are many niches in life coaching including family recovery life coaching.

A family recovery life coach is trained to help families navigate through the difficult circumstance that they struggle with handling on their own. These situations may include relationship issues, dealing with troubled teenagers and other family members impacted with substance use disorder.

As a family life coach, you have the capability of asking powerful questions, listening deeply and mirroring back to the client what you’re hearing from them. You can empower them to take action on things that may have been previously inaccessible to them.

One of the most in-demand spaces in family coaching is family recovery life coaching. It specializes in helping struggling families affected with substance use disorder (SUD) navigate through life and in their journey to recovery. If you are passionate about helping a loved one or their families recover from substance use disorder, this is something you may want to consider.

The BALM Family Recovery Life Coach/Recovery Life Coach


The BALM Family Recovery Life Coach/Recovery Life Coach Program trains life coaches to help clients with addiction, personal recovery, and family recovery. They are trained on how to create powerful coaching relationships that help clients move their lives forward, and also in working with clients on the Stages of Change and Motivational Interviewing. These practices allow them to help loved ones or family members move forward from where they are currently at to where they want to be.

There are 3 core advantages of becoming a Certified BALM Family Recovery Life Coach:


#1 – Earn a sustainable income while helping families overcome their struggles

The  BALM® Training Institute for BALM Family Recovery Life Coach Training provides you with a viable career that allows you to help families of loved ones with SUD get their lives back and their loved ones as well. Statistics don’t lie. There are 23 million people in recovery and another 20 million struggling with SUD.

Family members often feel lost, confused and alone. They also want to be a part of their loved ones’ recovery journey but many professional treatment centers find themselves too busy with treating the identified patient to pay serious attention to the family members’ needs and thus ending up disregarding the needs of the family members.

We are revolutionizing a powerful approach to help families bring peace, calm and sanity back into their homes while helping with their loved one’s recovery as well.

#2 – International Accreditation for Coaches

The BALM® (Be A Loving Mirror) Training Institute is an ICF – ACTP (International Coach Federation – Accredited Coach Training Program). We welcome the opportunity to train coaches to powerfully help families become true partners- to their recovering loved ones and their professionals – to work hand in hand in turning the tide from addiction to family recovery.

#3 – Personal Transformation

Most coaches who go through the program find themselves transformed by the BALM®, even though they have been practicing their own programs for a while. The BALM®, Be A Loving Mirror method teaches families how to properly engage their loved ones with SUD with evidence-based short interventions. These help a lot in encouraging them to enter and stay in recovery.  When family behaviors change in the long run, it can help their loved ones prevent relapse.

The  BALM® Training Institute for BALM Family Recovery Life Coach Training is a comprehensive program delivered through one full year to 18 months of full online access to the Family Recovery Academy community.

Here’s what to expect:

      • Component one: Study the BALM 12 Principles and 7 Steps and become a certified BALM Family Recovery Facilitator/Specialist.
      • Components two and three: Life Coach Training and
      • Experiential Training
      • Component four: Advanced BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach Training followed by
      • Business Development

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For more information, check out this link.

To enroll :

      • Call 1-888-998-BALM (2256) option 5
      • Email Bev at support@familyrecoveryresources.com