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Five Reasons to Become a BALM Family Recovery Life Coach

BALM | January 23, 2018

With so many coach training programs around competing for your attention, you may be looking for the reasons why this one is the right one for you.

Here are five reasons to choose the BALM® Institute for your Life Coach Training. See if they resonate with you:

  1. ICF Accreditation matters. The BALM® Institute is the only recovery oriented Life Coach Training Program that is fully accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). The program includes 125 core competency hours to insure that your coaching skills go deep as well as, 162 including resource development hours. In addition, you as a BALM® Coach trainee will have access to over 500 hours of family recovery materials to listen to and peruse plus a plethora of over 450 handouts. Each course has its own manual, you will have a student coach and a student to coach throughout the program, and will experience mentor coaching in a group and individually.
  2. The BALM® Program can be your signature program. Every coach training program will guide you to create your own signature program, something that goes beyond your regularly scheduled sessions with your clients that you can deliver in groups, through recordings, LIVE, or online.  The BALM® actually trains you in a ready made signature program and shows you how to create one of your own! The one you will experience through us is The BALM® Comprehensive Family Recovery Education that you will then be able to sell and teach to your families. This matters because it can take months or even years to create a quality signature program. Plus, when a family needs your coaching, they often need far more than a session or two per week. Enrolling them in the BALM® then becomes a win-win. Your families gain a robust recovery education and support community and you are able to coach them on all they are learning, thus accelerating their progress and your ability to help them more quickly. This is essential in this age of the opioid epidemic, when the life and death aspect of Substance Use Disorder (SUD) has greatly increased.
  3. The BALM® Institute offers state of the art Life Coach Training on the ICF PCC Markers. While only introduced in 2014, these markers have become the gold standard of life coaching, though many coach training schools have still not introduced them into their programs. The BALM® Institute insists that all of its students demonstrate these Markers of coaching excellence in order to graduate. Thus making graduates well prepared to meet the demands of working with a wide variety of clients facing everything and anything from career change to recovery to family recovery.
  4. Life Coaching is client driven. Having the foundation of a substantial life coach training program along with powerful Family Recovery Coach Training will prepare you to go deep with your clients when needed and to be action oriented when necessary. This program includes 85 hours of actual training to be a coach along with a strong experiential component, powerful business development training, and foundational recovery training to insure that you have holistic preparation to handle the many types of challenges your clients may be facing.
  5. We are dedicated to empowering you to do good AND to do well. We know that if you are thinking of working with the families of loved ones with Substance Use Disorder (SUD), you are someone who wants to do good in the world! That goes without saying. We also know that in order to turn your education into a career, you also must be able to sustain yourself doing so. In addition to the cutting edge coach training you will receive in the BALM® Institute, we will provide you with a powerful 8 week course on Business Development,  ready made products and courses for you to enroll your clients in, and the letters, forms and templates to  help you get started in setting up and growing your business.

To become a Certified BALM® Coach is to take your education seriously and treat yourself as a professional. To become a Certified ICF Coach after completing our program is to see the value in the profession itself and to take your place as a leader in the Family Recovery Life Coaching field.

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