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BALM Training Institute for Individuals

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Why Become A BALM Coach?

If you are seeking a professional training program that will prepare you to work powerfully with parents, spouses, and other family members impacted by a loved one’s addiction, look no further.

The BALM Family Recovery Life Coach Training Program is the first and only International Coach Federation Accredited Coach Training Program (ICF-ACTP) to focus on recovery. 

What this means is you will become trained and certified to coach anyone about any challenge facing them, any goal they are pursuing, while also being specifically trained and certified to work with families using the BALM Holistic Model of Family Recovery Development.  Our coaches learn how to help families wherever they are on the continuum of family recovery applying both coaching skills and the effective love-based model of the BALM (Be A Loving Mirror) method of family recovery. 

By having ICF Life Coaching as a foundational part of the training, coaches are able to address the needs of families and others in longterm recovery as well as those who may not have any need for recovery at all. The combination of advanced Life Coach Training and BALM Family Recovery Coach Training empower coaches to meet the needs of families and loved ones wherever they are on their recovery continuum.

Find The Best Training Pathway For You

BALM® Intensive Retreat: Transformation Through the 7 Steps to Be A Loving Mirror

Duration: intensive weekend – in person

 Great way to begin or deepen your  BALM® Professional Program experience. The BALM® Intensive Retreat is designed to immerse Life Coaches, Recovery Professionals and Family Members – whether New or Seasoned “BALMers”- into the BALM® (Be a Loving Mirror) Method. The retreat provides an in-person opportunity to take one of the BALM Training Pre-requisites in-person. 

An experiential journey into the 7 Steps is where it all starts, along with meditation, journaling, yoga and a serene retreat setting with over 70 acres  of hiking trails, a salt water swimming pool and a labyrinth for walking meditations.

  • Attend in person
  • A Deep Dive into BALM®
  • Lessons, demos, group work and quiet inner work
  • Manuals and guides included
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BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach Certification

Duration: 14-18 months – ACTP

BALM® FamilyRecovery Life Coach Training is fully ICF-Accredited (ICF-ACTP). It offers a niche in Life Coaching along with the high-demand specialization of Family Recovery.

The Complete, Supercharged ICF-ACTP Program: The BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach Training Program provides 164 plus hours of training, experiencing, and being immersed in the world of BALM® and Family Recovery Life Coaching. Graduate as a fully accredited BALM® coach, and jump-start your career.

  • All-inclusive PCC Level Training
  • Cutting edge PCC Markers
  • Life Coaching
  • BALM® Family Recovery Coaching
  • Start Coaching While Still in Training
  • Trained as a Life Coach? Get up to $2500 off on select packages for previous coursework!
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BALM® Family Recovery Facilitation Specialist

Duration:6- 9 months

BALM® Family Recovery Specialists become experts in the BALM Program and take the 12 Principles into their communities where they teach 12 Principle classes and advise families using their knowledge and experience in BALM Family Recovery.

This powerful program can be used as the first part of the BALM Coach Training Program or as a stand alone training. It gives therapists, treatment center counselors, peer support specialists and others looking for a solution-oriented program to share with families, a turnkey program for doing so. 

  • All inclusive turnkey facilitation program
  • Scripts, powerpoints, and lesson plans for the BALM 12 Principles 12 week 24 hour class, along with handouts, a handbook and ongoing support throughout and after training
  • Books and manuals at a reduced bulk rate
  • Full access to the entire BALM Family Program along with all of the materials therein for your own personal growth and development.
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Our Refund Policy

The BALM® Training institute is committed to helping all families blaze the trail to recovery in their homes.

This work of family recovery and/or helping others grow in their family recovery is important and challenging work.

We provide excellent education and coaching for the families and professionals we serve. We encourage applicants to take the time to explore our offerings fully before committing to the program. Once a student or family makes the commitment, our services are non-refundable.

We look forward to walking the loving path to family recovery with you as you move forward on your journey.

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