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Why Become a Coach?

Emotionally Rewarding Work

Purposeful work that saves lives
Adds professionalism to your ongoing passion
Emotionally satisfying

Prosperous Career Path

Flexible schedule
High income / high demand
Work from anywhere

Find The Best Training Pathway For You

BALM® Intensive Retreat: Transformation Through the 7 Steps to Be A Loving Mirror

Duration: intensive weekend – in person

 Great way to begin or deepen your  BALM® Professional Program experience. The BALM® Intensive Retreat is designed to immerse Life Coaches, Recovery Professionals and Family Members – whether New or Seasoned “BALMers”- into the BALM® (Be a Loving Mirror) Method. The retreat provides an in-person opportunity to take one of the BALM Training Pre-requisites in-person. 

An experiential journey into the 7 Steps is where it all starts, along with meditation, journaling, yoga and a serene retreat setting with over 70 acres  of hiking trails, a salt water swimming pool and a labyrinth for walking meditations.

  • Attend in person
  • A Deep Dive into BALM®
  • Lessons, demos, group work and quiet inner work
  • Manuals and guides included
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BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach Certification

Duration: 14-18 months – ACTP

BALM® FamilyRecovery Life Coach Training is fully ICF-Accredited (ICF-ACTP). It offers a niche in Life Coaching along with the high-demand specialization of Family Recovery.

The Complete, Supercharged ICF-ACTP Program: The BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach Training Program provides 164 plus hours of training, experiencing, and being immersed in the world of BALM® and Family Recovery Life Coaching. Graduate as a fully accredited BALM® coach, and jump-start your career.

  • All-inclusive PCC Level Training
  • Cutting edge PCC Markers
  • Life Coaching
  • BALM® Family Recovery Coaching
  • Start Coaching While Still in Training
  • Trained as a Life Coach? Get up to $2500 off on select packages for previous coursework!
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BALM® Family Recovery Facilitator Certification

Duration:6- 9 months

BALM® Facilitator Certification is for licensed professionals (RN’s, counselors, therapists, administrators, educators, interventionists, etc.) who want to use the BALM® method in their treatment programs, schools and facilities. This is not Life Coach Training.

This powerful training provides 160 + hours of immersive experience in every aspect of the BALM® Family Recovery Method from the inside out. First receive the Information, Transformation and Support that the program offers & then learn and practice facilitating it in the lives of the families and loved ones you serve.

  • All inclusive turnkey facilitation program
  • Scripts, powerpoints, and lesson plans for all BALM® family recovery courses, workshops and groups
  • Books and manuals at a reduced bulk rate
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  • BALM Book

    A family’s love is the healing BALM. This book shows you how to be your loved one’s BEST chance at recovery.

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  • BALM Book + Taste of BALM

    Learn the family’s crucial role in family recovery, includes: Lesson, Workbook, and Interviews.

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  • Taste of BALM + More

    Learn the family’s crucial role in their own and their loved one’s recovery, includes: Lesson, Workbook, Interviews, and recordings from the BALM program.

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  • Meet the Author

    Four live online sessions with the author to discuss the book.

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