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The BALM Is A Pillar Of My Recovery!

BALM | February 1, 2018

By Elizabeth Gross, BALM® Certified Family Recovery Life Coach and BALM® parent

The BALM is a pillar of my recovery.  As I prepare to move across the country, what brings me so much comfort is that my BALM community will come with me!  It doesn’t matter if I’m traveling or moving or not at home, I can always access the BALM on my phone or my computer.

It was no coincidence that I stumbled upon the BALM when I was looking for a family recovery life coaching school.  I had no idea that I had found the most amazing treasure trove of recovery and personal growth.  It started first with the BALM Comprehensive.  Our 19-year old son was living in a sober living house for recovery from heroin addiction, and my husband and I became immersed in the BALM Comprehensive.  I love that it’s online because my husband was more willing to listen to the Daily Balm on Wednesday nights in the comfort of our home.  I had done Al Anon and been to the family recovery programs at the various treatment centers my son had been at since age 13, but the transformation that I was about to experience would change EVERYTHING!

I love the 12 Principles of Being a Loving Mirror because of the insights and the languaging around the journey that we as families face when we have a loved one suffering from substance use disorder.  The Daily Balm on Monday at noon EST and Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. EST are staples of my family recovery program.  I love hearing the speakers, and the comments and conversation afterwards.  I always walk away with new insights, new recovery buddies and the reinforcement of the feeling that I am not alone.

I love the 7 Steps to BALM because it’s a deep dive into learning the communication skills we need to have to become our loved one’s best advocate.  It’s taught me to honor my voice, to express my observations and truths in a curious, non-judgmental way.  I’m not always good at it, but I’m willing to keep trying to get better at it.  I have loved having a buddy to practice with and have developed friendships with my buddies.

The coaching groups are another way that I have created community for myself.  Whether I have an issue to bring to the table or I am just listening and offering support, those sessions are so powerful, and create the sense of community that I need.

My husband, Brian, and I hired Beverly Buncher to be our family recovery life coach for a year, and wow, transformation seems like an understatement!  She helped us see how we could work better together instead of working apart.  She asked us powerful questions that created more awarenesses about our behaviors and attitudes, and what we needed to work on!  The coaching combined with the BALM Comprehensive has brought so much healing to our family.  I am so very grateful, and our family is forever changed.

Coaching school was an incredible experience of personal growth and learning a new skill and realizing my passion for helping other parents. Learning to coach is an intense and joyful and painful and transformational experience!  Even though I graduated from the program, my fellow classmates are still part of my life and they are my extended family.

I love the BALM and its loving nature, and its vibe of meeting people where they are at.  The BALM continues to teach me so much about being in relationship with others, being in relationship with myself, and my Higher Power.  Thank you to the BALM Recovery Community for being there for me, teaching and guiding me, and loving and accepting me as I am!

If you would like to hire Beth as your BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach call 1-888-998-BALM (2256) option 2.

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