+ Special Support Call for All Families with SUD in this time of Coronavirus

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Special Support Call for All Families Impacted by SUD in this time of Coronavirus

Addiction Recovery for Families, BALM, Coronavirus, Family Recovery | March 31, 2020
Coping with SUD at the time of Covid-19

Recovery is always difficult, but in the time of Coronavirus, it can seem impossible.

Let us help.



Do you have a loved one who has substance use disorder issues with alcohol or drugs, perhaps someone whose difficulties are now exponentially worse because of COVID-19 and the restricted access to treatment and support?

Is the current situation leaving you feeling even more anxious, helpless and alone, wondering how and what you can do to help them under these circumstances?

We’re all stressed right now, but it’s infinitely worse for people needing or maintaining recovery and their families. Studies prove that relapse is more frequent following crises such as terrorist attacks or natural disasters. And the coronavirus pandemic may be the most frightening and stressful circumstance many have faced in their entire lives.

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As one well-known AA slogan says, “Don’t wander into your head alone. It’s a dangerous neighborhood.”  As family members who struggled along with our loved ones when they were caught up in substance use disorder, we know how terrified and difficult that journey can be without adequate support. Reaching out for help was the best thing we ever did.

The BALM Institute for Family Recovery has been working with families like yours for over ten years, helping them understand the complex nature of their loved one’s substance use disorder. BALM families soon learn the dual process of learning how to get their lives back, as they learn how to help their loved ones get theirs back, too. And our online live and recorded classes, workshops and support groups provide the perfect solution for helping families become their loved one’s best chance at recovery from right in their own homes.

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In an effort to help as many families as possible during this extremely difficult time, we have a number of free in-person and recorded support sessions designed to help you deal with your own anxiety and give you specific tools you can put into immediate use to support both you and your loved one.



Don’t worry and suffer alone. Reach out today and get connected with a community of people who have been where you are now and who are equipped and ready to support you and your loved one.

This Tuesday evening, we are offering an online support group for helping you learn how to get your life back as you learn how to help your loved one get theirs back, even during these difficult times. The call will begin at 9:00 p.m. EST. 

Click here to register for the session