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What Tomorrow May Bring – Facing Addiction AND Coronavirus as a BALM Community

BALM | March 17, 2020

For years, those of us dealing with a loved one’s addiction have been struggling with the day to day nature of our lives. Before the BALM, many of us didn’t have a clue how to cope with the uncertainty, the fear, the unknown nature of our lives. Would our loved one be okay? Would they use? Could we figure out a way to protect them – and in some cases, ourselves from them?

Then, we studied and began to practice 7 Steps to Be A Loving Mirror and bit by bit, moment by moment, we began to understand the day to day nature of our lives in a new way. To see the gift in each moment, to embrace our situation with love, peace, and loving determination, and we watched ourselves become calmer and more loving, often in the face of tremendous challenge and adversity.

Once the change took hold in us, we also watched our loved ones and other family members change, too. A peace took over our homes, and whether or not instant recovery came, our relationships improved and new understandings of how to simply ‘be the peace’ despite our difficulties, took root. 

This work, alive and well in our community to this day, is here for all of us now, as we face this new threat, the corona-virus. As we face a sort of double unknown – that of the impact of addiction AND the impact of this pandemic on our homes and communities, we continue to take the first three inner transformation steps, and to take steps 4-7, having loving conversations and, when necessary, setting boundaries, for our own and others’ wellbeing.

To help our community members strengthen their BALMing for other own and their family’s well-being, we are offering the following to our BALM membership community:

  1. The Daily BALM – Principle 2 Wednesday evening March 18, 2020 – Michael, Marissa, and I will hold a community conversation about how to use motivational interviewing, the 7 Steps to BALM, AND the BALM conversation in these difficult times when so many of us are facing both the challenges of a loved one’s SUD AND the challenges that corona-virus brings to us as human beings as we move forward.
  2. Three weeks of two new FREE daily offerings to help our community
  3. One new course offering now up on the BALM Training Institute for all members and their loved ones: Be The Peace You Wish to See In The World.

Please join us for this inspiring supportive hour, designed to increase the peace in all of our lives as we walk this walk together!

Stay safe everyone!

With Love and Peace,

Bev and the Team.

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