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Learn A New Skill Online: Become a BALM Specialist

BALM, BALM Recovery Specialist, Coach Training | May 21, 2020
Learn A New Skill Online: Become a BALM Specialist

Professional online learning and certification is the new norm.

All over the world, the present pandemic is changing lives in so many ways. And because this is an unprecedented circumstance, we find ourselves at a loss on how we can cope with the drastic changes that are happening right now.

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How do we know what to do in situations of this magnitude?

Crisis tends to bring out the best and the worst in people. Right now, we are in the midst of a very challenging situation and we are reminded of our vulnerability as human beings. It made our routines topsy-turvy, disrupted our plans, and isolated us from families and friends. You can choose to be in your worst element now, or you can be doing something positive.

You can choose to be pro-active and help others.

While this pandemic is a danger to us all, a group of people are at higher risk of being immensely affected. Among those in the most vulnerable groups of people are the ones suffering from substance use disorder or SUD. Whether they are in the early stages of recovery or still in the early stages of the disorder, having social support is important to their recovery success.

BALM Family Recovery Specialists are able to teach family recovery principles online in order to meet the needs of families at this challenging time and also learn tools to teach BALM Family Recovery in person once they are able to do so.

What if your loved one is suffering from SUD? What can you do to help them in this time of a pandemic?


Coping with SUD at the time of Covid-19

This is a time when your loved one with SUD will need your support the most. The opportunity to help them get through their journey to recovery is never lost. One way to help them is to be personally involved in their recovery by learning a skill that they need for them to feel supported. You can learn how to be a BALM Family Recovery Specialist online so you can personally attend to your loved one and provide the professional help they need.

This is also an opportunity to help other individuals and their families go through the most challenging times of their lives.


The BALM Family Recovery Specialist Training

When you join the BALM Family Recovery Specialist training, you help families create a better connection with their loved one minus the shame, guilt, blame, doubts or expectations. You will help provide families with action plans on how they can contribute to the recovery of their loved one. You help others how to be an important figure in their loved one’s life, being someone who helps and not enable, and as someone who loves them rather than someone who judges them.

The BALM Family Recovery Specialist Training is a stand-alone program with a ready-made curriculum. This will provide you with more important information on Mental Health (MH) challenges, Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and other Use Disorders (UD) and with information on how families can be their struggling loved one’s BEST chance at recovery.. This program is accessible online that you can study at your own pace. As a bonus, you will also have access to the full online family recovery program which includes the BALM signature components of Information, Transformation and Support.

Train Online and Get Certified as a BALM Specialist

You will be equipped with the skills to help your loved one BE and Live the “Be a Loving Mirror” (BALM) Method by studying and practicing the BALM 7Cs, BALM 12 Principles, 7 Steps to Be A Loving Mirror  and 5 tips to family recovery. You will learn how to communicate effectively under challenging circumstances.

The skills and the tools that will allow you to become your loved one’s best chance at recovery will be at your fingertips.

Most of all, you help your loved one by providing the support they need not only by working things using your intuition but also with a scientific approach using evidence-based practices.

You can be your loved one’s best chance at recovery when you use the BALM Program to help yourself get your life back as you learn how to help them get their lives back tooo.

Join the BALM Specialist Training now.