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BALM Meditations Now Available on You Tube for Everyone! Please share!

BALM | March 26, 2020
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As we Americans go into our second week of physical distancing from in-person working, learning and living, the potentially long term commitment of facing the global pandemic is beginning to sink in.

It’s not a quick fix, it probably won’t go back to normal as quickly as we had hoped and not everyone is looking at it in the same way – even in the family or the country.

For those of us impacted by a loved one’s use disorder, this process of seeing a problem, learning what will help, denying its application to us, facing that we need help knowing what to do, deciding what we will do about it and then finally committing to an action plan, is a familiar process.

To help our families, we set up a few weeks of early morning meditations and later in the day support calls.

The response has been powerful.

Family members report they are finding that working through issues with a loved one’s addiction can help one face the inner issues of corona-virus upset and that the process of calming down about corona-virus internally can help with facing a loved one’s addiction more peacefully.

Many of our families and coaches have asked to share the meditations with everyone else. In response to their requests, we have put the daily meditation recordings up publicly on You Tube on the BALM Training Institute You Tube Channel channel. These meditations, created and shared by a number of our experienced BALM Faculty and Coaches, offer you an opportunity to enjoy 20 minutes each of peace and calm in the storm any time you want or need to!.

Creative Visualizations, Heart Math, Mindfulness, and EFT are all offered. Visit the channel, share it with your friends and family, and join us in creating an atmosphere of calm power in all of our lives and we lower our inner temperatures so we can make better decisions in our lives and when appropriate, those of our family members.

Click here to enjoy 20 minutes of inner peace any time of the day or night!

And of course, for those of you already in the BALM Community, check out your weekly call list for the listings of all of the week’s upcoming live calls.

And remember everyone: Be A Loving Mirror!


Beverly Buncher, BALM Coach and Program Director

BALM Training Institute for Family Recovery Services

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