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How Do Use Disorders Affect Our Family Tree?

Addiction Recovery for Families, BALM, BALM Recovery Specialist | May 11, 2020
How Do Use Disorders Affect Our Family Tree?

Research has shown that when a family member suffers from substance use disorder, the whole family should be involved in the treatment as well.

This is very evident in the success of family recovery programs.

Family members need help and support to cope up with the effects of substance abuse.

Substance use disorders do not only affect the individual suffering from it but it can destroy relationships. It can also create emotional chaos for the family as they witness their loved ones battle with substance dependency.

The negative effects of SUD trickle down not only to the closest family member but also to the other members of the family tree.

How are most members of the family affected by a loved one’s substance use disorder?

There may be different systems of family and they can be affected in different ways, but here are the most common ways SUD affect the family:

It creates instability between family members.

Our loved ones with SUD tend to be unreliable most of the time. We cannot count on them to do what they say they will do. Most often, other members of the family are left to pick up what they failed to do. Conflicts usually arise among family members when they are continuously let down.

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It creates financial problems for the family.

SUDs can lead to problems at work. SUD sufferers have decreased productivity, miss works a lot that eventually lead to job loss. It also creates financial burdens that could lead to the loss of their homes or difficulties in providing necessities for their family members.

The loved one with SUD relies on other members of the family for financial support. This brings more strain to family relationships.

It brings shame and denial in the family.

When a member of the family suffers from SUD, other members suffer from shame, pain and denial. No one is probably proud of having a loved one suffer from substance abuse.

The family works harder to conceal the effects of SUD and consistently deny that there is any problem. Feelings of shame may also bring other family members to substance use as a coping mechanism.

It creates conflict among family members.

SUD brings a lot of negativity where all communication between the family members and the sufferers are negative. Family members lash out against each other because of anger and resentment. Complaints and criticisms become a normal thing for the family. This leads a member of the family to feel bad with the situation.

It creates a negative impact on the family’s health.

SUD sufferers will most likely have health complications and also affect many members of the family. Some family members may face debilitating complications to their health due to high-stress levels, anxiety and depression. Because of limited finances, members of the family may not be able to do routine medical check-ups.

The emotional trauma by itself is already difficult to handle.

These challenges that families with SUD have are difficult to handle all by themselves. They should have a support system outside of their family. Family recovery specialists provide support to families and they provide an objective and different perspective of their loved ones’ SUD.

How the Balm Method Helps

The BALM® method teaches families how to properly communicate with their loved ones with SUD. These are evidence-based interventions that encourage loved ones to enter and commit to recovery.

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