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Free Holiday Mini-Course: Empower Your Family Recovery This Holiday Season with Three BALM Principles

BALM | November 25, 2019

Each year the BALM Community opens its doors to the broader community of families impacted by SUD and other use and mental health disorders.

This year, we are doing so again!

On the First Three Wednesdays in December, we will provide a series of Holiday Discussions to help families be more available to themselves and their loved ones during this at times challenging time of year. These weekly 12 Principle Interviews/Discussions are usually only for the BALM Community. But this year, we are making three powerful BALM Principles available to you in a free mini-course called Empower Your Holidays with Three BALM Principles.    

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The course will take place live over a three week period and participants will receive articles to read before each class to review throughout the season.

Wednesday, December 4, we will look at how Let go without giving up or giving in is especially relevant during the holiday season. Join us as we look at the BALM view of letting go. What do we invite you let go of. What do we suggest you not give up on and what do we ask that you not give in to.

Wednesday, December 11, we will discuss how to Be Your Loved One’s Best Chance at Recovery during the holiday season. This time of year offers so many opportunities for families to be there for each other in healthy ways. Empowering you to be able to do just that is what the BALM is all about.

Finally, on Wednesday, December 18, we will look at the topic of Self Care, particularly the importance of Take Your Focus Off of Your Loved One and Put It on Yourself as a powerful way to enhance both your and your loved one’s recovery journey.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your ability to Be Loving in a way that enhances your and hopefully your loved one’s recovery this holiday season!

Enroll here!

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