+ Holiday Mini Series - FREE TO ALL! - BALM

Empower Your Family Recovery This Holiday Season!

This three-week course will provide new ideas, hope, and the possibility of new ways of relating to loved ones struggling with SUD and other use disorders.

Holiday BALM Mini Series


On the First Three Wednesdays in December, we will provide a series of Holiday Discussions to help families be more available to themselves and their loved ones during this challenging time of year. These weekly 12 Principle Discussions are usually only for the BALM Community. But this year, we are making three powerful BALM Principles available to you in a free mini-course called Empower Your Holidays with Three BALM Principles.    

December 4, 2019: It’s Important to Let Go Without Giving Up or Giving In

  • The BALM Meaning of Letting Go
  • Knowing If How and When to Let Go of An Adult Child
  • Struggling with a Use Disorder – FINAL
  • Managing Flooding
  • Building Your Inner Peace One Practice at a Time: LessonRecording 12/4/19


December 11: You CAN Be Your Loved One’s BEST Chance at Recovery During the Holiday Session

  • 10 Tips to Be Your Loved One’s BEST Chance During the Holiday Season!


December 18: When You Take Your Focus Off of Your Loved One and Put It On Yourself, You Both

  • Four Aspects of Self Care