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Blueprint to Success as a BALM Professional

BALM, BALM Family Recovery Life Coach, Coach Training | July 22, 2020
Blueprint to Success as a BALM Professional

Have you ever thought of becoming a life coach?


If so, then you might be one of the few who also had big questions looming over their heads. Can life coaching help you reach not only your personal goals but also and most especially your financial goals?

The answer is yes, but not as simple as you may think. Taking on a new career is a life-changing decision and you want to be sure that the life coaching program you are taking is one that provides the support you need throughout your practice. It should also include and provide support in the business development area.

A lot of people believe that taking the plunge, that is, taking life coaching or becoming a specialist means that you have to quit your day job to dive fully into the practice. You don’t have to do that immediately. Life coaching can be done on the side. No one develops a full practice overnight. It can take years or you can develop it more rapidly as a full-time pursuit and that makes it the perfect career shift you can pursue whether you have another job or not.

Life coaching is a powerful and purposeful career path. It requires you to learn how to meet clients where they currently are and help them access their wisdom to reach their goals. Life coaches should have the ability to ask powerful questions, to listen deeply, reflect what they hear back to the client, and empowers the client to move forward on a variety of options that may not have been previously available to them.

It’s not all about branding, although being associated with a program that has already built their brand over time is helpful. Many life coaches got stuck in the branding and building a following that they do not spend as much time in the practice of their craft. Life coaching is a craft which takes practice and proper education.

In general, you need foundational know-how before you can start coaching. But for more specialized life coaching like recovery from substance use disorder, you need more than the basic life coaching knowledge. You need to take a specialty course.

What Our Coaches Say about Being a BALM Family Recovery Life Coach

Before taking on a specialty life coaching course, you need to ask some questions.

  • Does it offer multiple approaches and instructors so you get diverse concepts?
  • What kind of learning approach does it offer? Live? Blended learning?
  • Does it have a community?
  • Does it provide business development tools to help you with the business side of coaching?

These questions will help you get the best life coaching course.

Blueprint to Success As a BALM Professional

Why Focusing on Self-Care a Key in Family Recovery

The BALM Training Institute for Family Recovery Services and Family Recovery Life Coaching Training is your key to a successful life coaching career. We provide you with a blueprint to success. Our coaches start their training with the powerful BE A LOVING MIRROR (BALM) Method of Family Recovery which empowers the coach to provide families with powerful communication tools that deeply reach and influence their loved ones with SUD to move in the direction of recovery.

All our trainees start with mastering the BALM Method of family recovery. Once our trainees master the BALM Method, which provides them with the knowledge and practice they need to understand SUD, recovery, and family recovery,, they then move on to study Life Coaching and BALM family recovery coaching. This combination allows the coach to face the specific challenges families bring when they are faced with a loved ones’ struggle.

The BALM Blueprint to Success includes the study of the 7C’s, 5 Tips,12 Principles and 7 Steps, which will make you a BALMer who loves unconditionally, communicates effectively under challenging circumstances and is peaceful even in danger. On that basis, you will help families move forward to recovery.

As a BALM Professional, you will learn the four components of the Blueprint to Success which includes Business Development. This is what makes the BALM different from other coaching programs. We provide you with the tools you need to start developing your coaching practice as a thriving business.

Also included in the training program are four years of membership to our one full year online family program and community of BALM families, along with the four components of coach training. This allows for the coaches’ personal transformation along with your professional training. The Powerful BALM Family Recovery Educational Program includes instruction and practice in the Be A Loving Mirror method, hundreds of interviews with experts in the recovery field and up to 3 group coaching calls each week which increase the family member’s inner peace and allows for improved communication that often leads a loved one to choose recovery.

Here’s something to help you get started as a BALM Professional.

Learn A New Skill Online: Become a BALM Specialist

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