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Are you looking for change in your loved one?

BALM | January 12, 2019
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We yearn for our struggling loved ones to recover, to be different, to change back to how they were before the use disorder took over their brain.

So, how do we know that they have changed? How long will it take? And how can we contribute to their transformation?

As we learn in the 2nd BALM Principle, ” Change happens in Stages.”

It is neither instant nor is there a magic cure that will suddenly make everything okay again.

Rather, change happens over time and yes, we family members can contribute to the change or contribute to holding our loved ones back from that change.

The sooner families and loved one embrace this idea of change happening in stages, the sooner personal responsibility can be taken for one’s own role in the process.

In BALM Principle One, we learned that the family has a crucial role to play in a loved one’s recovery. In Principle Two, we learn that change happens in stages. These two lessons and the many interviews that reinforce them and take them deeper, have started you on a path toward the “how” of contribution that will be greatly expanded as you move through the principles and move into the 7 Steps to Be A Loving Mirror.

The BALM. Read it, study it, practice it.  Check your weekly call list early Monday morning to get on live calls almost everyday of the week or meander through the hundreds of recordings and handouts at your beck and call 24/7. And allow yourself to contribute boldly and positively and lovingly to your own, your loved one’s and your family’s change process.

Be A Loving Mirror!


Be A Loving Mirror!
Beverly A. Buncher, MA, PCC, CBC, CTPC
Family Recovery Coach/CEO
Family Recovery Resources, LLC
786 859 4050

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