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Why You Need the BALM Specialist Training Program To Help You Work with Families Facing a Loved One’s SUD

Addiction Recovery for Families, BALM, BALM Recovery Specialist | March 15, 2020
Why You Need the BALM Specialist Training Program When You Have a Loved One with SUD?

The family plays an important role in each of the members’ health. They can be very helpful in determining the course of their loved one’s substance use disorder and ultimate recovery.

Family interventions have been found to be very helpful in the management of various disorders including substance use disorder. Illnesses and disorders exist in a social context and the most important source of support is the family. 

How do you show your support to a loved one with SUD?

      • Educating yourself more about addiction and recovery. 
      • Setting healthy boundaries.
      • Encouraging your loved one to join and be in treatment.
      • Minimizing the temptations and triggers in the environment

Many family members yearn to help their loved one AND other family’s loved ones as well!

But what can be a better way to help families help their loved one with SUD? Undergo an SUD specialist training program! Being available and helpful to your family member is one thing, becoming a specialist brings your support and love to another level. 

As a specialist, you will help families recognize the inner connection you have with your loved one without shame, blame, expectation or guilt. You’ll help families figure out how to contribute to a loved one’s recovery while attending to their own recovery.

Families will learn how to be a valuable presence in their loved one’s life who helps rather than enable, love rather than condemn and use leverage rather than be controlling.

BALM Family Recovery Specialist Program

BALM Specialist Training Program

The BALM Specialist Training is a program that provides you with a ready-made curriculum. This includes information on Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and other Use Disorders (UD), Mental Health (MH) challenges, recovery and family recovery.

What to expect

This program is designed as a stand-alone program. This allows you to give powerful information and support for the families you are serving in a classroom setting.

It is also the first of a four-part fully accredited BALM Family Recovery Life Coach Training program. What you worked on in this program can be used toward the full program should you decide to become a fully certified BALM coach.

Here’s a preview of what’s inside the program. 

Study the program at your own pace. In addition to the Specialist Curriculum, you’ll have access to our full online family recovery program. The program includes the signature components of Information, Transformation and Support. 

You will learn the skills to help your loved one BE and LIVE the “Be a Loving Mirror Method” (BALM) by studying and practising the 7C’s, 5 Tips, 12 Principles and 7 Steps.

You will know how communicate effectively under challenging circumstances, to love unconditionally, and to maintain peace even in dangerous situations.

You will have a deeper understanding on the importance of teamwork within a family and with other professionals.

You’ll develop the skills and tools that will allow you  in  becoming your loved one’s best chance at recovery.

In the BALM Specialist Training, you’ll receive detailed and in-depth information on SUD and on how to help families make a real difference in their own and their family’s life.  You learn how to help others and simultaneously learn how to help yourself.

 The support that you can provide your loved one is not only by working things instinctively but working with a scientific approach to it, using evidence-based practices. When you do this, you become your loved one’s best chance at recovery and you help the families you work with become their loved one’s BEST chance!

Transform your family and the families of the people you work with!

Join the BALM Specialist Training now.