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Why do I need this certification or even an accredited school or even life coach training? I just want to work with families…

BALM | January 23, 2018

Why do I need this certification or even an accredited school or even life coach training? I just want to work with families…

When I started the BALM® Institute, it was an advanced CCE (continuing education credits) program. I only accepted trained coaches. Unfortunately, many of the students who wanted to work with families (trained by a variety of coaching programs and schools from a weekend to 6 months long), simply lacked the firm foundational footing to work deeply and powerfully with families impacted by a loved one’s addictive struggles. Additionally, when personal issues came up within the person, the coaches often appeared lost as to how to meet their clients’ needs.

So, I contacted Fran Fisher, our Director of Training, and asked her to help us become fully accredited so that we could insure that the coaches we graduated were powerfully grounded in the ICF Core Competencies as well as in BALM® Family Recovery. The result of this marriage of the two, the BALM® and the ICF approaches, has been the creation of coaches able to help families and loved ones powerfully move forward in their lives.

Schools of course evolve. At first we taught these two approaches separately. Today, we provide a merging of two powerful helping modalities in a way that allows coaches to switch seamlessly between recovery work and coaching work, of course with the client’s permission.

The ICF-ACTP Accreditation has allowed us to develop coaches of a high caliber. The BALM® has allowed us to provide coaches with a deep understanding of addiction and recovery and the ability to be there powerfully for each family in the moment.

Our curriculum works for the benefit of our students and their clients, and the fact that our coach trainees come back for our advanced courses, and bring their own clients to enroll in our family programs speaks volumes to its value and effectiveness.

To become a Certified BALM® Coach is to take your education seriously and treat yourself as a professional. To become a Certified ICF Coach after completing our program is to see the value in the profession itself and to take your place as a leader in the Family Recovery Life Coaching field.

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