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Why Do I Need the BALM? I Just Want to Be A Coach!

BALM | December 17, 2015

Every once in awhile, people call us who want to work with families and balk at our requirement that all of our coaches go through the BALM® as a pre-requisite to the program. Yet, we insist. To be a BALM® Family Recovery LIfe Coach, a working knowledge of the BALM® program is more than important, it is essential.

I am reminded of the importance of the BALM® every time a family enrolls in the BALM® Comprehensive and begins the beautiful process of facing their situation with loving courage. I’m also reminded of it each time a family who refuses to work the BALM® stays in their pain until they begin their BALM® journey – and then begins to wake up to recovery powerfully once they do!

Does that mean you have to have a loved one who struggles with substance use disorder to be a BALM® coach?


While it is true that most BALM® coaches are either recovering from an addictive battle of their own, OR have a loved one who is or was struggling, that is NOT a requirement.

What IS a requirement of BALM® Coaches, is:

  • a powerful desire to help families who ARE affected by a loved one’s struggles
  • a deep understanding of family recovery and firsthand experience with the transformative BALM® steps and principles
  • International Coach Federation oriented Life Coach Training
  • Advanced BALM® Life Coaching focused on serving Families affected by a loved one’s struggles
  • Intensive experiential training including mentor coaching, student-to-student coaching
  • Prosperous Family Recovery Life Coach Business Development Training

The first requirement, the desire to help families, is one that we cannot give you. But all of the other pieces of the puzzle are offered as part of the BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach Training.

To learn more, click here and join us each Tuesday evening at 8 PM ET. We will answer your questions, and tell you all about how this program can help you make a difference in the lives of families!