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Why call the BALM the Loving Path to Family Recovery?

BALM | February 1, 2018

What is the BALM® Method?

The BALM® (Be A Loving Mirror®) Method is the loving path to family recovery.

Why do you call BALM® the Loving Path to Family Recovery?

BALM®  (Be A Loving Mirror®) programs provide family members and their struggling loved ones with a path to peace and loving kindness that leads to freedom for the family and the user.  BALM® family members make the conscious choice to BE peaceful, non-judgmental, observers in their loved one’s life. On that basis, they share the facts of what they are seeing and are able to give their loved one the opportunity to hear those facts without getting defensive.

This  approach changes the atmosphere in the home from one of fighting and conflict to one of peaceful acceptance of the reality facing the family.  Rather than becoming a doormat, the family member has become someone their loved one can rely on to be real with them.

When they hear reality being shared without the anger, bitterness and judgment they have so often had to endure from those who witness their life choices, it is easier for the struggling loved one to digest it.

With this new approach established, family members give the person they love the chance to listen and learn and to potentially choose a new way of living.

To learn more about the BALM® Comprehensive Family Recovery Education Program CLICK HERE.