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Which Dog Do You Choose to Feed?

BALM | November 29, 2018

by Colleen Bertolino
Certified BALM Family Recovery Life Coach

A long time ago someone shared with me a story of two dogs ready to have a fight. One dog was filled with rage and anger and the other dog’s nature was of love and peace. Hmm… which dog will win I was anxiously thinking. The answer came as this:  Whichever one you feed the most!

I no longer feed my harmful thoughts or feelings to fester and grow. Now, I focus on planting and nurturing my seeds of gratitude. A true life and game-changer for me.

I am grateful that God led me to the BALM and its one-year comprehensive step by step program to guide me, inspire me, transform me, and support me into being a stronger, calmer, clearer, more compassionate and understanding human being to my loved one and all those around me.

I am grateful that I have learned and practiced how to be my loved one’s Best chance at recovery. I know, as the BALM has taught me, that there are no guarantees to our loved one getting their own recovery. What I do know is that the BALM has help me to recover and restore my own life. This is a gift I will always be grateful for as it is the missing piece of the recovery puzzle I have been searching for, for many years. And I found it all in the BALM.

Thank you God.

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