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Where is Love?

BALM, BALM 7 Steps Online Retreat | May 2, 2023

“Where is love?”
is a lot like the question
“Where is peace?”
Societally, we have been taught to look to others to bring us the experiences of both, as in:
“It’s out there. I’ve got to find it.”
But is it, really?
In the BALM, we understand that on the deepest level, both peace and love can only be found in one place:
So what does this mean and how do we proceed to “find” these life essentials?
That is the work of being a BALMer.
Whether the person or people you love bring you joy is THEIR business.
And, if they don’t, all is not lost for us OR for the relationship.
After all, within each of us is a wellspring of peace, love and joy, just waiting to be tapped and experienced.
How, though, do we tap that spring?
The BALM provides 12 Principles that expand our understanding of living from an experience of love, and the 7
Steps to Be A Loving Mirror that provide the step-by-step path to inner peace and relationship peace.
In the BALM, we say that Love is the Answer, and to us, these are not empty words. As we practice the loving
principles and peaceful steps to Be A Loving Mirror, we begin to live in love and peace, and this experience
ripples out to our struggling loved one, and our family and friends.
You are not alone, even when alone.
Breathe in the peace and experience the love within you!