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Where does your Inner Wisdom want to take you

BALM | May 19, 2023

I believe the process of exploring and healing my relationship with my spirituality is what led to the creation of the BALM. The inner work of communicating with a Power greater than myself, led to the wisdom teachings now known as the Be A Loving Mirror Method and processes. 

This idea of gaining inspiration and guidance from one’s Inner Wisdom is as old as humanity and not unique. It is available to every person and comes in the form of insights, writings, and spoken words that come as if out of nowhere and everywhere.

As a method of communication and relationship building, the BALM invites families and individuals to explore and heal three relationships: that with Spirit, that with self, and that with others. These relationships work together within the person to create a life of peace and joy or conflict and sorry. It all starts within and so, we emphasize the inner aspect of all three relationships. 

In the 9th Principle of the BALM, we teach a few ways to communicate with that Spirit, which may also be referred to as God, the Universe, Inner Wisdom, Nature, Hashem, Allah, Jesus, The Christ, or Higher Power. The BALM teaches participants how to use written dialogues, two-way prayer, the breath, and meditation to open the way to exploring and healing one’s relationship with that which is deeper than one’s ego.

When families or individuals come into the BALM, it is not generally to create a program or method of their own. Rather they come to rebuild the storehouse of Inner Wisdom that the traumas they’ve faced have led them to doubt in order to restore the quality of their own life and help a loved one get into recovery.

Wisdom is the default of us all. If and when we are open to its teachings and willing to let go of old ways of interacting which have only made our struggles worse. 

Perhaps you will write the next BALM. Or come up with something deeper or more profound. In the meantime, I invite you to consider exploring the teachings of your Inner Wisdom for the purpose of healing whatever your inner struggles may be. Principle 9 will show you how.

And when you do, you will Be A Loving Mirror.

Beverly Buncher