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When things don’t go your way – Try 4-4-8

BALM | September 15, 2015

You walk out of the house, trip over a bucket, ruin your new suit, and get peed on by the neighbor’s dog when he sees you lying on the ground trying to get back up.

Ever have a bad day?

It can seem like everything is going wrong and nothing can possibly go right.

And when you have a loved one struggling with substances in your life, days gone wrong can seem like a regular occurrence.

If this sounds like you, build an oasis of calm within yourself by making it a habit to breathe mindfully, even when things are going well.

This is an important habit to develop because being CALM is the foundation of your ability to Be A Loving Mirror (BALM®).

Here’s how you can bring calm into your life one moment at a time:

  1. Upon awakening, practice the breathing exercise known as 4-4-8 four times before getting out of bed or as you are beginning your day.
    1. breathe in slowly to the count of four
    2. hold it to the count of four
    3. breathe out to the count of eight.
  2. During the day, utilize this 4-4-8 intermittently, just because.
  3. Then, if you get a piece of stressful news or find things aren’t going your way, repeat 4-4-8 a few times to return your attention to serenity.
  4. Before you go to sleep, lie in bed and repeat 4-4-8 four times again as you are going to sleep.

Once you have done this a few days in a row, let me know how it helped you by sending me an email at bbuncher@familyrecoveryresources.com.

Be A Loving Mirror!

Beverly A. Buncher, MA, PCC, MRLC, CTPC

Family Recovery Coach/CEO

Family Recovery Resources, LLC



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