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What Will the Loving Path of BALM Require of Me?

BALM | February 1, 2018

What does this loving path require?

A Loving Mirror response requires that one:

  • Change one’s expectations of their suffering loved one. Trust them to continue to struggle unless and until they have actively committed to recovery. This helps take away the shock when they use or drink.
  • Go about living life regardless of the loved one’s behavior, and respect their right to live their life as well.
  • Plan how one will RESPOND, NOT REACT, to them when they arrive home drunk or high.
  • When they do show up drunk or high, do NOT attempt to have a rational conversation with them at that moment.
  • Observe their behavior non-judgmentally and lovingly.
  • Do not clean up after them or clean up the consequences of their behavior, even if they throw up all over the house. That is THEIR responsibility.
  • When they wake up and wonder what happened, give them an objective report of the facts of what happened, sharing unconditional love and respect for them along with the concerns for their health, safety and well-being.

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