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What is YOUR Life Purpose in Recovery?

BALM, Life Purpose in Recovery, upcoming life purpose in recovery course | April 14, 2015

Years ago, I was a school principal. At that time, I know I was doing meaningful work. But it didn’t fit my view of myself or my temperament. I did that work for a long while, helped people, served and helped to develop programs and guide students. The work mattered. Yet, inside I felt like something was missing. The feeling I had inside was, “This is not what I was born to do.”

And so, I went on a search. Finally, I came upon a career that resonated with me: life coaching. I left school administration, and began my training. Then the new questions arose: What would I do with this new career of life coaching? Who would I serve and how?

I remember it so clearly:

“Oh. You will be an educational leadership coach! Principals and teachers will learn so much from you!:

But inside I knew it was meaningful work, only not for me.

Fortunately, I found and went through a rigorous process of finding my life purpose. Out of that work, came two powerful guiding statements that let me know that my purpose is to:

* help families of addicts find their way

* help all families blaze the trail to recovery in their homes

The statements resonated with me, so, I decided to further educate myself in order to do so.

At that time, there were no family recovery life coach training programs. To prepare myself for this work of helping families, I studied ADD coaching, Recovery Coaching, Peer Support, Life Purpose Coaching. I redid my original life coach training.

After 25 years of Alanon and Naranon, and  5 years of educating myself in the ways of coaching, helping people build purposeful lives and helping people affected by addiction, I began teaching for a Recovery Coaching School and mentor coaching for a Life Coaching School.

I had a full caseload of families whose loved ones were struggling with addiction or recovery, had created an educational program for families to supplement the coaching, and seemed to have discovered a powerful way to help families shift from co-addictive behaviors to healthy ones, whether or not they were willing to go to Alanon or Naranon.

So, as i talked about the path I’d hewn for clients, my students asked me to mentor them and started asking me to start my own school for people who wanted to work with families. Two years later, I did start my own school. It is called The BALM Institute for Family Recovery Life Coach Training. It is a place where those already trained as life or recovery life coaches can come to get advanced training, and where people new to coaching, who are ON FIRE about helping families, can come to become both Life Coaches AND experts in working with families as Family Recovery Life Coaches.

This journey has helped more hone my skills and find a deeper sense of purpose than I ever knew was available.

Knowing one’s purpose is one of life’s greatest gifts.

If you would like to know how we can help you find your Life Purpose in Recovery, click here.

Living life on purpose makes each morning sing and each evening one of peace.

Looking forward to helping you fulfill YOUR life purpose in recovery!