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What is Life Coaching?

BALM | January 23, 2018

What is Life Coaching?

Many people have goals. Not everyone achieves them. Over the past few decades, a career path has emerged which helps people powerfully reach the goals they set . Namely: Life Coaching. The history of this field has  roots in the modalities of sports coaching, humanistic psychology, and personal growth, among other helping modalities. And yet it is none of these things. In and of itself, it is unique and powerful.

Life Coaching is an interactive partnership in which the client’s goals and agenda form the foundation of a powerful professional relationship. Clients engage a coach in order to reach the goals that have thus far eluded them, and those goals guide the relationship unless and until the client becomes complete in achieving them or decides to shift focus to new ones.

The most important thing to understand about the life coaching partnership is that it is client driven. Coaches do not diagnose or prescribe medication for their clients. Instead, they offer them a different sort of expertise: that of asking powerful questions, listening deeply to their client’s answers and using those answers to help the client go deeper into the client’s deepest wisdom through further questions or specifically chosen activities or exercises designed to help the client move powerfully toward their goals and dreams.

To become a Certified BALM® Coach is to take your education seriously and treat yourself as a professional. To become a Certified ICF Coach after completing our program is to see the value in the profession itself and to take your place as a leader in the Family Recovery Life Coaching field.

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