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What Families and Coaches Have to Say About the 7 Steps Retreat

BALM, BALM 7 Steps Online Retreat | October 5, 2020
Why Taking an Intensive Retreat Can Help Families in SUD Recovery

Families who have loved ones suffering from substance use disorder (SUD) usually are at their wit’s end and are looking at every possibility of getting help. If your family is in this type of family situation, you are not alone. You just want to give them their best chance to recovery…

There are many programs out there that provide support through therapy and other modalities and this can somewhat feel overwhelming for you. Having to go through the programs and choose which can provide you with the right support that you need is something that you have to sit down and think over.

Here at BALM, we specialize in family recovery from SUD and other use disorders. Families with loved ones struggling with mental health disorders also find help in our community. This is because of the  effective programs  we have created that are specially designed to help you learn what helps, what doesn’t, and most of how, how to effectively communicate wtih your loved one. The weekend of November 6-8, 2020, we will hold the 7 Steps to BALM retreat, an intensive online retreat that focuses on empowering you to become your family’s best chance at recovery.

This is an online retreat with activities  like meditation, quiet movement and journaling to build your inner calm, along with journaling and scripting to help you  to develop scripted conversations you can use to communicate with your loved one with SUD lovingly and effectively.

You will also learn how to become aware of your emotions and how to use them in a positive way to reach out to your loved one. Setting boundaries and group and one-on-one coaching will also be available at this online retreat.

Whether you are a family member or a BALM Professional, you will benefit a lot from the community atmosphere, the BALM tools and the loving interaction between the staff, faculty and participants.

Registration is now open for this event.

But don’t let us convince you. Let our past participants tell you about the experiences they had when they joined our previous retreats. Here are some of our participant’s feedback.

“The retreat exceeded my expectations! The learning and relationships that were made during that weekend were powerful. The retreat brought us together on a personal level that made us stronger. I walked away feeling more confident in my understanding and my ability to utilize the 7-steps, plus my coaching skills. In addition, it provided an opportunity to build relationships among my peers with whom I can reach out to for deeper discussion as we continue our BALM journey. It was a win-win weekend!”

– Kathy Wrenn, BALM Coach Trainee

“The retreat was all that you stated! Because of the scripting session with one of the coaches at the retreat, I was able to have my first min-intervention with my loved one. I made an appointment with him…He didn’t argue! Thanks to you both for just what I needed!”

– a family member participant

“It was so comfortable!”

– a family member participant

“I would highly recommend a retreat for a (deeper) experience of the 7 steps. I enjoyed being with other BALMers with all of us at different stages. I think working together was helpful when we were all at different stages! I really enjoyed being a coach-in-training and working with a family in one of the last activities.”

– coach-in-training participant

“If you’ve lost hope and need a lifeline. Please come to this retreat! You will learn how to be at peace in the midst of the storm and best help your loved one.”

-family member participant

If anyone is thinking of training to become a BALM® Family Recovery coach, all I can say is that you will get so, so much more out of it than just becoming a coach. It is a life/game changer.

-Lucy Tomkins, BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach

To register for this event, click here.