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What Education Does A Powerful Life Coach Need?

BALM | January 23, 2018

What type of education is needed to prepare a powerful life coach? 

This delicate powerful work is, at its best, carefully prepared for through substantive education and training. It requires very specific training to insure the client is well served, though ironically, many people call themselves life coaches regardless of their training or background.

Life coach training has a variety of components, all of which prepare the coach to be optimally present with their clients. These include an understanding of the underlying philosophy and process of life coaching, exposure to the wide variety of skills and tools a life coach needs to communicate deeply with a client, demos by competent coach trainers, and many rounds of practice with each other over the course of the educational training course.

And there is something more: An accredited program, with a highly reputable accrediting agency, is a critical factor behind powerful life coach training.

To become a Certified BALM Coach is to take your education seriously and treat yourself as a professional. To become a Certified ICF Coach after completing our program is to see the value in the profession itself and to take your place as a leader in the Family Recovery Life Coaching field.

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