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What, Beyond Recovery, Is Your Life Purpose?

BALM | August 25, 2018

One of the things that often happens when we get into recovery, is we feel renewed and filled with a new purpose. The fact that we have been freed from the problem that brought us into recovery brings an awakening to us and we find ourselves wanting to share what we have found with others who could benefit from what we have found.

This sense of purposeful recovery work can last a year or a decade. For some, it becomes a segue into a lifetime career. For others of us, as time goes on, we begin to wonder, ‘is that all there is?’ ‘Is there something more I am meant to be or do beyond helping others with their recovery?

Perhaps you ARE meant to spend your hours helping others move forward on the recovery path as you deepen yours. Or, perhaps there is something more you are meant to be or do, beyond the recovery path or deeper within it.

The upcoming Life Purpose in Recovery Course is designed to answer that question for participants. This 12 week course will involve participants in a deepening journey of inner awakening to the contribution they are meant to make in the world. Based on the work of Tim Kelley, Life Purpose in Recovery takes his True Purpose Course and applies it specifically to those touched by their own or another’s Use Disorder.

Three BALMers who have walked the LIfe Purpose in Recovery Path, are sharing their journeys with anyone considering finding their Life Purpose in Recovery.

I’ve already interviewed two, BALM Coach and BALM Institute Curriculum Director Jen Fisher and Jill Prevas, BALM Coach and Outreach Coordinator. To listen to their Life Purpose in Recovery Journeys, click below:

Jen Fisher – 8-7-18
Jill Prevas – 8-15-18

Michael DeForbes will be interviewed on Wednesday, August 29th at 6:00 pm ET.

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The Life Purpose in Recovery Path is meant for those who think there may be something more to their life than what they have figured out so far. To someone meant to travel this path, the world is purposeful, yet, they have not figured out what their own purpose is and they are deeply drawn to do so. What their contribution is meant to be.

Does that sound like you?

Take this survey and see if this is the course for you.

CLICK HERE to take a survey and find out if you are ready to find your life purpose.