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Transformation for Families Impacted by Addiction – The Time Is Now! Zoom Introductory Series Starts Tuesday!

BALM | April 8, 2019
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BALM® Method of Family Recovery from Addiction and Other Behavioral Health Issues.

Are you at the end of your rope due to a loved one’s addiction?

You Can Be Your Loved One’s BEST Chance at Recovery using the BALM® Family Recovery Method!

The popular Be A Loving Mirror (BALM®) Family Recovery curriculum has become the go-to program nationwide for families looking to get their lives back AND help their loved ones get and stay in recovery.

Our two-prong approach will help you move from obstacle to chief supporter using powerful research-based tools and it all starts with the BALM® Intensive Retreat!

BALM® Will Show You How To:

★ Drop the judgments you’ve been holding onto so tightly

★ Get the inner calm and peace you thought you had lost forever

★ Stop saying things that give your loved one excuses to use

★ Start enjoying your life regardless of your loved one’s choices

★ Stop obsessing about your loved one’s use disorder

★ Stop trying to fix someone else’s life

★ Learn the Be A Loving Mirror® secrets for a sane and joyful life

Bev Buncher, founder of the BALM® and author of the book BALM The Loving Path to Family Recovery lives in the Houston area and is available to answer your questions and share her expertise on BALM’s Transformative Solution to Addiction!

Available for presentations throughout the Houston area, Bev will be giving the following introductory talks online each Tuesday evening in April on the theme of:

Family Transformation – The Time is Now! – A 4 Week Zoom Series

This series of four zoom conferences is designed to bring the research on the family’s role in a loved one’s recovery to families struggling to figure out if and how to help. 

Register for 1 or all 4 weeks of the Introductory Family Transformation Series and learn more about our upcoming BALM® Intensive Retreat:  CLICK HERE 

Tuesday, April 9, 2019 – 8:30 PM ET

What’s Love Got to Do with It? How Your Attitudinal Shift Can Help Your Loved One Choose Recovery

In this talk, Bev will explain what is meant by an attitudinal shift and how love holds the key to creating that shift and helping a family member help their loved one choose to get into and stay in recovery

Tuesday April 16, 2019 – 8:30 PM ET

No, It’s Not Only THEIR Problem! The Family’s Role in a Loved One’s Substance Use Disorder

Many families have believed the lie that addiction is only the problem of the person with the use disorder. This has led so many to turn their backs on loved ones thinking it’s the right thing to do. This talk will outline the loving path to recovery and how crucial each family’s role truly is!

Tuesday April 23, 2019 – 8:30 PM ET

You Don’t Have to Let Go of Your Loved One to Help Them Get Recovery! – The Family’s Role is Critical!

What does it mean to let go? This term has been used and abused to the detriment of loved ones and families everywhere. This talk will show you what to let go of and –  hint hint – it is NOT your loved one!

Tuesday April 30, 2019 – 8:30 PM ET

What do we do when our loved one gets home from treatment – Early Recovery and the family’s role

When a loved one enters treatment, the family may breathe a sigh of relief when actually, their work as recovery advocates for their loved one has just begun. There are critical words and behaviors in a family’s vocabulary that can make all the difference between contributing to making things worse for their loved one’s recovery and pushing it powerfully forward! Learn what those are and how to help at this important talk.

Beverly Buncher, MA, PCC, CBC, CTPC, known as the Foremost Family Recovery Life Coach in the Nation, is the Founder and CEO of Family Recovery Resources, LLC, and the BALM® (Be A Loving Mirror®) Training  Institute for Family Recovery. The BALM® Program makes the concepts and tools of family recovery accessible to all whose lives are affected by a loved one’s struggles with substance and other use disorders. Her book, BALM® The Loving Path to Family Recovery, tells her own family recovery story and gives families the skills to keep a loving connection alive while moving forward on their recovery journey. She is also the author of the forthcoming book Transformation: The Family’s Developmental Recovery Journey, numerous blogs and articles, and several workbooks and manuals for students of the BALM® Programs.

Register for 1 or all 4 weeks of the Introductory Family Transformation Series and learn more about our upcoming BALM® Intensive Retreat:  CLICK HERE 

Click here to learn more about our upcoming retreat

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