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Timing is Everything When It Comes to Having A Difficult Conversation with a Loved One

BALM | September 20, 2015

Ever try to have a serious conversation with someone who is drunk or high?

Then you know how important timing is.

Difficult conversations are part and parcel of helping a loved one, and are crucial to keeping our own sanity.

So, how do you get the timing right?

Watch the behavior when they are high, staying as calm as possible throughout. Afterwards, document what you saw and heard – just the facts.

Then, once you have calmed down, most likely the next day, script a conversation and ask for a time to have it. The conversation needs to state the facts and it is crucial to be conducted in a loving way. It needs to be shared when your loved one is lucid, not drunk or high.

If you are not sure how to pull it off, and you are a member of the BALM® community, join us for the next 7 Steps to BALM® course that starts October 11. In this course, we lay out the process of being there powerfully for a struggling loved one.

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Join us this coming Wednesday night, when one of our BALM® family members shares his own journey through BALM® and its impact on himself, his family and his struggling loved one.

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Next week, we start on Week One of the Daily BALM® again. Even if you have gone through all 12 lessons, review the first lesson and more deeply learn the power of the family’s role in a loved one’s early recovery.

Timing is everything and no time is better than NOW to empower YOURSELF with family recovery principles and steps!



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