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Things that go bad can go good again – Be A Loving Mirror and engage your loved ones through the good and the bad times!

BALM | July 25, 2016

My mom once told me that the most interesting thing about long term marriage (and I would add relationships and life really) is that you will go through good times and bad times and if you stick around, the good times will return. That reliable tidbit of wisdom has allowed many a longterm married couple and many a family struck by great challenge to persist through the bad times, remembering the good times and knowing that as a BALMer, if you stick around, use the skills, tools and inner wisdom you have, the good times will usually come around again.

Of course, there are no guarantees except that change happens and that if you roll with it and use and grow your BALM® skills and tools, you will be up to the task and hopefully live to see a brighter day once again.

I learn anew each day to not give up and to continue to put one foot in front of the other and practice what I know to be healthy, BALMy behavior.

I see the persistence and watch with wonder as our BALM® families do the same, thus growing  in family recovery, and often inspiring their loved ones to join them.

This corner is dedicated today to all of you who let go of results while never giving up on your loved ones and not giving in to the manipulations their disease guides them to. You look to the future as you practice your recovery, yet stay in the moment and LIVE a fulfilling life, lovingly and powerfully

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Be A Loving Mirror

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