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The Third C: You Cannot Cure Your Loved One’s Addiction

BALM | January 19, 2013

In this series of 7 posts, we are exploring the 7 C’s. Today our topic is the The Third C: You Cannot Cure Your Loved One’s Addiction

Deep in the heart of every addict’s family members is this hope, this thought, this belief that there must be some way to cure this addiction and it’s up to us to find it.

This post is not about dashing your hopes. Rather, it is about helping you assess your role in your loved one’s addictive process. Unless you have discovered the cure for addiction, you can’t cure it. Period.

Let that one go and move on. That nagging feeling that you ‘should’ be able to is, well, a nagging feeling.
In the meantime, it keeps you from the real work ahead of you that will come up in the 4th C. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post to learn more!

You love your addict and so you want to help. Tomorrow, we will discuss how you as a family member can really make a difference!

Until then,

Have a Loving Day!


Coach Bev

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