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The Seventh C: You Are Always At Choice!

BALM | April 4, 2013

Ever have one of those times when life seems to be happening too fast and it feels like you have absolutely no power to make things slow down or get better? If someone in your family is struggling with addiction, chances are you have..

But, regardless of what is happening in your world, you are always at choice.

You have the choice of whether to react immediately


to pause, take a deep breath, and respond.

You have the choice of whether to judge


to love unconditionally.

You have the choice of whether to give in to the anger boiling up within you


to breathe through it, and let it go.


You have the choice of whether to stay in bed and pull the covers over your head


to get up, shower, and get your day going!

It is neither easy nor fun to deal with the challenges caused by someone struggling with addiction.

But, you are at choice as to whether to stay or go,

to deny or to deal with those challenges,

to enable or to constructively reach out and help.

Every time you, as a family member or friend, make the decision to learn more about addiction and recovery, you are making a choice to grow.

On the other hand, every time you turn your head and ignore what is going on,

or believe the lies your loved one is saying, you are making a choice to deny reality.

Every time you face your situation head on and do whatever it takes to get your life back, you are making a choice for inner freedom regardless of outer circumstance.

Every time you study the Be A Loving Mirror Recovery Principles and practice them, you are making a choice for increased sanity in your family.

The Seventh C, You Are Always at Choice, is here to remind you that you are are not the victim of your circumstance.

Staying aware of each decision you make and understanding that you may make a different decision at any moment in time, is the hallmark of this C: You are always at choice.

Best Wishes,

Coach Bev

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