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the importance of support – lessons learned on a stuck elevator

BALM | June 8, 2021
stuck in an elevator

Living in hotels since March due to a winter storm has been a bit of an adventure. But one evening in early May the adventure turned into a bit of a test.

It was almost time to teach day two of a four day challenge for coach training prospects. The plan was that I would drop my computer off in the conference room, take my dog for a walk, and then come teach the class. I had 15 minutes before class was to begin…Plenty of time to move

On the way from the fourth to the third floor, the elevator suddenly stopped. Having forgotten my phone in the hotel room, I called for help on the elevator phone. They told me it could be a while, so I opened my computer and prepared to teach.

My coteacher arrived  on zoom 5 minutes early and at the top of the hour, we zoomed away, as I sat in my elevator, between the third and the fourth floor. The class was an introduction to the tools that coaches learn in our training program.

Overall, the experience reminded me of the uncontrollable nature of life itself. Beyond addiction and recovery, there is a whole world of people, places and things that are seriously beyond our control.

When situations get out of control, we often need others to lend a hand, whether as volunteers or paid professionals…Support, when you think about it, is an essential part of life. We are by nature an interdependent species!

When my pipes burst this winter, we needed a plumber, a contractor, an insurance agency, an insurance advocacy group. All of these professionals putting their heads together, did and are doing what I cannot do for myself.

When the elevator stopped that afternoon, the hotel facilities manager, the elevator company and technicians, were all needed to get it going again. I was very fortunate. The tech at the building knew what to do to get me out and it only took 40 minutes.

Sometimes things take much longer to fix…

Come to think of it, if we could solve our family recovery challenges in 40 minutes, we would call it a miracle…

Principle 8 of the BALM teaches that

Getting Support Will Greatly Enhance Your Recovery.

Not only that, but support is often a game changer, without which our recovery just hobbles along.

Until the elevator guy fixed my elevator, I was enjoying a great class, but teaching it  over zoom from an elevator…

Until our neighbors turned off the water main, our home was filling up with a river of water. Until  our friends got us a plumber, we couldn’t even think about putting the water back on. Until the proper contractor came into our lives, our house still had a gaping hole in the ceiling, though the water had stopped. And all of the carpenters and workers, to say nothing of the manufacturers of cabinets, countertops, and appliances have allowed our contractor to put the house back together beautifully!

How could support help you help yourself, your loved one, your family, on your recovery journey?

If you are already in the BALM, be sure to watch lesson 8 of the 12 Principles where you will learn about the many different types of support out there for you and your family. If you are not yet in the BALM, learn more at https://bealovingmirror.com 

Or call Karen at 1-888-998-2256 ext 5 to learn more about the many ways the BALM can support YOU!


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