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The Impact of A BALM 7 Steps Retreat

BALM | September 23, 2020

Dear BALM Friends and Family,

What is the effect of attending a weekend retreat solely about learning The 7 Steps to BALM? 

Every once in a while, it helps to get away – even if that means closing the door and doing an online retreat!  When use was active in my family, I made it a habit to go on retreat at least four times per year by myself or with another family member supportive of and/or in recovery. 

This was important for a few reasons:

  1. Sometimes things got so intense at home I couldn’t think straight
  2. I wanted to contribute only to recovery but the pressure cooker I was in was making that extremely difficult.
  3. I wanted to expand my spiritual practice and found it difficult to do amidst the chaos.


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Of course there were other reasons like 

  • There were opportunities to do so
  • I had so much to learn
  • It’s fun to be with others over a weekend
  • Etc.

Vacations of course are great for mindless escape and they help, too. But when it comes to becoming a loved one’s BEST chance at recovery and getting one’s own life back, there is nothing like a retreat..especially if it takes you in the direction of recovery.

For years, we offered the Be A Loving Mirror programs over time, so our 7 steps class took eight weeks to get through and there were no other options. Then, we added a live in-person retreat and people talked about how the intensity of 3.5 days of focus on the steps made a HUGE difference in who they were able to be when completed. Now, we are back online in a retreat setting!

To sign up for the call on “The Impact Of A BALM 7 Steps Retreat” on Oct 13, Register here

The BALM Online Weekend Intensive provides an amazing hands-on experience of the 7 Steps Process ! Working together with other families and coaches, participants have the opportunity to develop and hone their Be A Loving Mirror skill set as they go deeper into their own peaceful presence. Here is what some of the participants had to say about the last retreat:

“The retreat exceeded my expectations!  The learning and relationships that were made during that weekend were powerful.  The retreat brought us together on a personal level that made us stronger. I walked away feeling more confident in my understanding and my ability to utilize the 7-steps, plus my coaching skills. In addition, it provided an opportunity to build relationships among my peers with whom I can reach out to for deeper discussion as we continue our BALM journey.  It was a win-win weekend!” – Kathy Wrenn, BALM Coach Trainee

“The retreat was all that you stated! Because of the scripting session with one of the coaches at the retreat, I was able to have my first min-intervention with my loved one. I made an appointment with him…He didn’t argue! Thanks to you both for just what I needed!” – a family member participant

“ It was so comfortable!” – a family member participant

“I would highly recommend a retreat for a (deeper) experience of the 7 steps. I enjoyed being with other BALMers with all of us at different stages. I think working togeher was helpful when we were all at different stages! I really enjoyed being a coach-in-training and working with a family in one of the last activities.” – coach-in-training participant

“If you’ve lost hope and need a lifeline. Please come to this retreat! You will learn how to be at peace in the midst of the storm and best help your loved one.”  family member participant

Now we are offering a deep dive series of pre-calls on the 7 Steps to Be A Loving Mirror online with Beverly, Michael, and other BALM coaches! And see if joining us for the upcoming online retreat is for you!

To sign up for the call on “The Impact Of A BALM 7 Steps Retreat” on Oct 13, Register here

See you Tuesday!