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The Healing BALM of Family Recovery in a Daughter’s Heart – Family Transformation is Real!

BALM | April 13, 2019
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This past Wednesday, I interviewed one of our first BALM® Coaches Liselle Hill for a Principle 12 call. Every 12 weeks, a seasoned BALMer shares their perspective on how the BALM® has impacted their life.  Liselle has been practicing the BALM® in her own life since I started working with her in 2011 and her BALM® practice has grown as the method itself has.  I wanted to share the recording of our interview with you since it provides a powerful example of BALM’s application to family of origin challenges even when the loved one is moving toward their end of life and is still in active addiction. In Liselle’s case, she came to me for mentor coaching, wanting to develop her own ICF coaching practice. As we discussed the other work I do, she shared her mom’s challenges and our work grew to include her own family recovery. The profound changes in Liselle and her family as a result of her BALMing shine through in this call. If you have a relative you have given up all hope on, know that, at the very least, a return to loving relationship IS possible through the Loving Path of BALM®.

Click here to listen to Liselle’s story.

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