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The First C: You Did Not Cause Your Loved One’s Addiction

BALM | January 17, 2013

In this series of 7 posts, we will explore the 7 C’s beginning today with the first C: You did not cause your loved one’s addiction!

Ever feel guilty? Like if only you hadn’t done whatever it was you did your loved one would not be an addict? Perhaps your addict has accused you of causing her problems – It’s your genes, she says, or your temperament. Perhaps he thinks it is the way you did or did not raise him or she says it is the way you treat her in your marriage. Whether you are the parent of an addict, the spouse of an addict, the sibling, or the child of one, read these words carefully and remember them always:

If you have ever thought, for one single moment, that you are the cause of your loved one’s addiction, think again. You are NOT!

Almost everyone who is close to an addict has at one time or another entertained the thought that they made all of this happen, that it is all their fault.

But addiction is well beyond any of our power to cause. It’s a disease, a disorder of the brain that warps the addict’s mind for as long as they continue to use.

My friends, it is just not true that you caused it. You’re just not that powerful! So, please, relax into the moments of this day and let go of any guilt or blame you are holding in your heart! You didn’t cause your loved one’s addiction!

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