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Stop Walking on Eggshells with your Struggling Loved One!

Addiction Recovery for Families, Early Sobriety, The Daily BALM - posts for class members | August 7, 2015

Ever feel like being in relationship with a using or newly sober loved one is like tiptoeing on eggshells –  and the eggshells keep breaking no matter how softly you tread?

For many family members, the stress and worry get so bad they can hardly stand it. In fact, our new clients and students often describe themselves as feeling like they are breaking into a million pieces the more the active addiction goes on…and often, before they found BALM®, this feeling lasted well into their loved one’s recovery…

This feeling of severe stress is not healthy for you OR your loved one.

What we know is that stress is one of the biggest triggers for use and relapse. We also know that relationships are one of the biggest triggers for stress.

So, if you, the family member, can get off the wheel of stress, worry, anger, resentment, and judgment, you will stop bringing these into your relationship with your loved one. And, YOUR relationship with them will stop being a source of their stress.

Just as importantly, you will feel better.

If you are a member of the BALM® Community, start here:

– use your breath as a tool to stay conscious and calm. You will find several techniques to do this on the Family Recovery Academy site in principle three of the Daily BALM® and steps one and three of the Seven Steps to BALM®.

– come to the live BALM® classes and support groups so you can increase your understanding of addiction and recovery and gain the tools to help you get sane, even in the midst of your loved one’s chaos.

If you haven’t enrolled yet, speak with your loved one’s treatment center to see if they are BALMing OR contact us yourself at info@familyrecoveryresources.com.

Be A Loving Mirror!

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